Game Tales of Link
Occupation Priestess
Weapon Staff

Remi (レミット Remitto?, "Remit") is a supporting character in Tales of Link. She is a bodyguard to Rita Mordio as the latter investigates magical disturbances throughout the land.


Remi is new priestess from the Kingdom of Euraia who is escorting Rita on a survey of magical disruptions. When the pair goes to Shalt, the town is besieged by monsters, which Rita attempts to deal with while Remi evacuates the townsfolk. They are about to be overwhelmed when the Savior, Sara, and Lippy arrive to assist. The villagers say that the monsters came from Zola Forest, so Rita and Remi team up with the trio to deal with the source, where Remi reveals Rita's prominence. After dealing with the seed of ruin that is the source of the trouble, they part ways, Remi continues to follow Rita while the trio travel to find more seeds to purify.

In the "Let Me Help You! Rita!" event, Rita is investigating some ruins with the help of the Savior's group when Remi shows up and scolds her for leaving her behind. Rita tells her flat out that her clumsiness will only cause more trouble, but Remi is stubborn and joins anyway. Rita's words initially prove prophetic as her actions send golems after them, but the enemies allow the group to obtain the materials needed to unseal an ancient, powerful armor. Rita resolves to in the end to hire the Savior's group whenever she comes across more ruins, to Remi's dismay, only for Rita to elaborate that they would help the both of them.

Appearance and Personality

Remi is a young woman with fair skin, long brown hair, and blue eyes. She wears a red and yellow outfit and wields a staff as her weapon. Remi is kind and cares deeply for others, but she is ditzy and tends to fall into more problems than she can handle.

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