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Remiel Model.png
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Hometown Welgaia
Race Angel
Occupation Member of Cruxis
Weapon Bow
Japanese Voice Actor Tetsuo Sakaguchi
English Voice Actor Wally Wingert

Remiel (レミエル Remieru?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Symphonia and is temporarily thought of being the real father of Colette Brunel. Because he hates humans, according to Kratos Aurion, it is possible that he was a half-elf in the past. He is the only low-ranked angel of Cruxis that seems to have his own consciousness.


Remiel first appears in the Martel Temple in Iselia after the oracle appears and Colette passes the trial of reaching the Seals safely. Upon meeting Remiel, it is immediately assumed he is Colette's "true" father, and Remiel plays along to earn the party's trust. Playing the role of guardian angel, Remiel guides Colette through her journey of World Regeneration from Seal to Seal. When Colette finally reaches the final Seal at the Tower of Salvation, Remiel reveals that he was pretending to be Colette's father and that his true intentions were to turn Colette over as Martel's vessel so that he would be promoted in rank to join the Four Seraphim. Lloyd's party engages Remiel in battle in their effort to rescue Colette, and succeed in defeating him. Once defeated, Remiel is shocked at the fact that an angel has been defeated by "inferior beings." When Kratos appears, Remiel begs him for help, but Kratos refuses his plea and instead mocks his beliefs, as well as those of Cruxis in general. Remiel subsequently dies.

Appearance and Personality

At the beginning of the game, Remiel seems to be a kind, just and holy being who speaks formally. In the middle of the Journey of Regeneration, he becomes stricter by each Seal, which the group thinks is because he, too, is longing for the regeneration of the world. However, his true self is revealed in the Tower of Salvation, where he is cruel and selfish, telling the group that he does not care for Colette at all, and that they are all inferior beings. As stated by Kratos, Remiel despises humankind, and that that hatred was what led to his death; Kratos could have helped him, but as a former human, he mocked Remiel that he would ask for help from someone who was once an "inferior being" and refused to save him.

Fighting Style

As an elite angel of Cruxis, Remiel is a formidable opponent. As expected of an angel, Remiel makes heavy use of warping capabilities to traverse the battlefield and uses various forms of Light-elemental magic. He is able to fire bolts of light via a magical bow, and makes use of the spells Ray, Holy Lance, and Photon. Remiel has an arte exclusive to him known as Judgment Ray. The technique has Remiel summon a field of Cruxis emblems filled with angel feathers underneath him, followed by the light of judgment raining down on that field a few times. This technique is an inferior move compared to the actual Judgment arte used by Seraphim-leveled angels, which serves to show Remiel's inferior rank in Cruxis's organization.

Other Appearances

Tales of Symphonia Manga

While most of Remiel's role is the same as in the game, instead of battling the party, he is killed by Kratos from behind after attempting to kill the group, as Kratos states that Remiel could have hurt Martel's vessel, Colette.

Tales of Symphonia: The Animation

In the first episode of Tales of Symphonia: The Animation, he never claims to be Colette's true father, which is most likely a tool to save storyline within the anime. When he is defeated, but not killed, by Lloyd in the fourth episode, a pillar is destroyed and knocks Lloyd out. After Lloyd and the others are saved by the Renegades, the scene switches to the Tower of Salvation, where Kratos looks at a dead Remiel, covered in blood from a wound of a sword. Kratos looks in disgust and says Yuan Ka-Fai's name; in the video game, this was different since Kratos did not care if Remiel died, while in the anime, it troubles him.


  • Remiel, which translates to "mercy" or "compassion of God" in Hebrew, is one of the archangels from Christian and Islamic traditions. In these traditions, he is the angel responsible for guiding faithful souls to Heaven.