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Rena Lanford
Rena Lanford.png
Appearance Star Ocean Series
Tales of the Rays
Age 17
Height 5'3" / 161cm
Weight 99 lbs / 45kg
Race Nedian
Weapon Knuckles
Japanese Voice Actor Nana Mizuki

Rena Lanford (レナ・ランフォード Rena Ranfoodo?) is a main character from the Star Ocean franchise who makes a cameo appearance in Tales of the Rays. Rena is the daughter of Rhima, who sent Rena forward in time to the planet Expel, giving her daughter only a Quadratic Key pendant to remember her real mother by.

Appearance and Personality

Rena appears in her attire from Star Ocean: The Second Story. She wears a white shirt with blue overalls tucked under a red belt and dark blue skirt, a gold, crescent-shaped hairpin, long white socks and brown shoes. Blessed with healing abilities that no one else on Expel possesses, she longs to discover who she actually is, knowing that her parents are not her biological ones.

Fighting Style

In Tales of the Rays, Rena wields the Knuckles of Hope, and uses several artes derived from the symbology she uses in the Star Ocean franchise.


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