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Replica Regal
Appearance Tales of the Rays
Japanese Voice Actor Akio Ootsuka

Replica Regal (レプリカリーガル Repurikariigaru?) is a non-player character in Tales of the Rays. Like the name implies, he is a replica of Regal Bryant, however the two are quite different in many aspects.


While the original Regal was a Living Doll Beta, Glasstin with the knowledge of fomicry acquired from Dist creates a replica of Regal. During the creation of this replica, it was given the original's incomplete memories, in this case the memories are from before Alicia Combatir's death at Regal's hands, and surprisingly he was also given mirrist powers similar to those that Ix Nieves and Mileena Weiss possess. Replica Regal intended to use his miristry to exoflect Alicia to help him fill gaps in his memories. The party, however, manages to stop the replica from executing his plan.

Appearance and Personality

Replica Regal's physical appearance is no different from his original self, however unlike him he dons a formal wear, befitting his company president status, due to his memories.

Fighting Style

Because Replica Regal has memories of his original self from before Alicia's death, he fights under the name Mirrist Regal (鏡士リーガル Kagamishi Regal?) using exclusively his fists, something his original does not in either Tales of Symphonia or its sequel.


  • In skits, Replica Regal uses the same skit images as his original self, despite wearing a different set of clothing than him.