Aselia Wiki
Republic of Odin
Game Tales of Phantasia
World Aselia
Region Freyland
Ruler President Mitsumori

The Republic of Odin (オーディーン共和国 Oodiin-kyouwakoku?) is one of the three powerful countries that governed over the world of Aselia during the period between Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Phantasia. It was destroyed by comet Samier's collision with the planet, and now all that remains are relics and a single, mysterious tower.


Odin is said to have been located in Aselia's easternmost region, where the continent of Freyland is now. It is mentioned in certain events that this continent was once beautiful and fruitful, but wars ravaged the land and left it as a desert wasteland. The Tower of Flames is the only remnant of the past, as it stands tall in Freyland's lava plains and is surrounded by mountains and lava. The tower is inaccessible except by air.


  • Olive - A lone oasis village in the desert with few inhabitants. It serves as the only human settlement on the continent.

Cave of Burning Sand

The Cave of Burning Sand is a cavern located near Olive deep within the desert. Here resides Efreet, the Spirit of Fire. Serving as the fiery counterpart to the frigid Cave of Ice, where the icy Vorpal Sword can be found, the Cave of Burning Sand yields the nearby Tower of Flames in its mountain range, where Flamerge can be found. The protagonists venture here in order to make a pact with Efreet, as this is necessary in order to meet Maxwell and penetrate deeper into the Morlia Mineshaft to find the pact ring for Luna, the Spirit of Light.

Tower of Flames

The Tower of Flames is deeply embedding within the mountain range of the Cave of Burning Sand, unreachable on foot due to the dense mountains surrounding it. Like the Cave of Burning Sand, it is also located somewhat near Olive, and a lava lake lies around it. Said to be a remnant of Odin, it yields the artifact known as Flamerge, protected by the guardian spirit of the same name. Within the tower are indications of the god Odin, left behind by the Republic. In addition to monsters, some ninja from the Ninja Village can be found here.

The protagonists venture here to locate Flamberge, their other option at the time being the Cave of Ice, where the Vorpal Sword lies. Both components are needed in order to forge the Eternal Sword of Origin. Due to the intense heat inside, the group must wear ice amulets so that they do not take damage. This is accomplished by obtaining fire amulets from monsters within and transforming them via the "Rune Bottle" item. In the deepest portion of the tower, Flamerge awaits the heroes and informs them that the soul of the god Odin dwells within the Flamberge blade. They fight and defeat her, Cress Albane being awarded with the legendary sword in return.


Odin was one of the world's superpowers at its height, alongside the Kingdom of Fenrir and Thor. Unlike Aselia's present countries, it was not a monarchy, but a republic. It saw its last days under President Mitsumori after war erupted on December 2 between it and Fenrir. Not long after Thor sank into the sea due to the comet Samier's impact, mysterious men appeared and ended the war by annihilating both parties. As with the other countries, it wielded an item that became known as the one of the "Three Weapons", the base of the Eternal Sword: the fire blade Flamberge, guarded by Flamberge in the Tower of Flames and said to contain the soul of the god Odin.


  • In Norse mythology, Odin is the leader of the Aesir, the major group of Norse deities; ruler of Asgard; and god associated with wisdom, war, poetry, and death. He is also the father of Thor and Vidarr. In battle, he wields the spear, Gungnir. In addition, he commands female warriors known as Valkyries.