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Resist Field (レジスト・ヴィレ Rejisuto Vire?, "Resist Wille") is a supportive spell used by Annie Barrs in Tales of Rebirth and Estelle and Patty Fleur in Tales of Vesperia.

Arte Description and History

The arte itself is quite simple in its effects: it raises magic defense for every ally inside a given area. When the user is finished reciting the incantation, an indigo glyph will appear beneath and a sphere of energy in the center above. Each ally inside this area will have their magic defense increased. In Tales of Rebirth, the arte follows Annie's German arte-naming system, with wille translating to "will". In Tales of Vesperia, it is learned as an altered arte with the "Dispersion" skill equipped while using Resist and acts as an area of effect version of the original spell.


Original Titles

Cross-Over Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Rebirth

Japanese Quote: 挫けない心を!レジストヴィレ!
Romanized Quote: Kujikenai kokoro o! Resist Wille!
Translated Quote: "May our hearts remain unwavering! Resist Wille!"[1]

Tales of Vesperia

Localized Description: "Altered Arte: Temporarily raise M. DEF of all allies within range."

Localized Quote: "Grant the power to defy fear and defeat evil... Resist Field!"