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The Techbirds as they appear in Tales of Phantasia (GBA).

Rheairds (レアバード Reabaado?, "Rarebirds"), also localized as Techbirds, are the ultimate mode of transportation in Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Symphonia, and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. These aerial vehicles enable the party to fly over obstacles such as oceans and mountains to reach otherwise inaccessible areas of the world.


Tales of Phantasia

Techbird Sprites (ToP GBA).png

Techbirds are the result of scientific research by scientists in Euclid during the future timeline of Tales of Phantasia. They are powered by Volt's mana and used for high-speed flying transport. They can also be compressed and carried within a "Wing Pack". While they are practically identical in design and function to the Rheairds of Tales of Symphonia, these machines were invented by human hands, without ever being aware of such historical technology that had become lost to the ages. Arche Klein does not possess a Techbird since her broom is upgraded by Volt, providing it with the same capability for extended flight.

Tales of Symphonia

In Tales of Symphonia, the Rheairds are developed by both Cruxis and the Renegades. They are first mentioned by Sheena Fujibayashi in Sylvarant, stating that they are the only known devices capable of transcending the dimensional barrier separating Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. After finding them, the group flies through the dimensional portal to warp to Tethe'alla. When they arrive in Tethe'alla, the Rheairds break down and crash into the Fooji Mountains due to a lack of mana.

The group discovers they must use Volt's mana to recharge the Rheairds. Later, the group needs to obtain the Rheairds to save Colette Brunel from Rodyle. They travel to the Renegades' base on Tethe'alla, but when they arrive to the deck, they face Yuan Ka-Fai and Botta. After defeating the two Renegade officers, the group steals the Rheairds and leaves, with Yuan making no attempt to stop them, revealing he can find them whenever he wishes. With the Rheairds in possession, the group is able to move more efficiently across the World Map, as well as unlock new areas previously unreachable by foot, such as Flanoir and the Temple of Darkness.