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  • Fennmont, Spirit-lit Seat of Kings (イル・ファン?) - The capital city of the great nation of Rashugal, and home to both a medical school and a spiritology research center.
  • Hamil, Orchard Frontier (ハ・ミル?) - A frontier village with a thriving orchard, located in a remote eastern region of Auj Oule.
  • Nia Khera, Sanctum of Maxwell (ニ・アケリア?) - A settlement built at the foot of a sacred mountain, whose members revere the spirit Maxwell.
  • Milla's Shrine (ミラの社 境内?) - A sanctum built at the foot of a sacred mountain to enshrine the lord of spirits, Milla Maxwell.
  • Sharilton, City of Hails and Farewells (カラハ・シャール?) - This large city, ruled by the Sharil family, is the commercial heart of Rashugal.
  • Leronde, Isle of Quay and Quarry (ル・ロンド?) - The port city on this small Rashugal island was originally settled by visiting miners.
  • Xian Du, Haunt of Fallen Heroes (シャン・ドゥ?) - This cliff city is home to the aerial arena, where the tribes of Auj Oule gather in great numbers.
  • Kanbalar, the Daybreak Citadel (カン・バルク?) - The king's castle sits at the heart of the nation's capital city, in the mountains of Auj Oule.
  • Xailen Woods Temple (ザイラの森の教会?) - A forgotten temple that stands quietly in the forest outside of Kanbalar.
  • Aladhi Seahaven (イラート海停?) - An ocean portal in east Auj Oule.
  • Sapstrath Seahaven (サマンガン海停?) - An ocean portal in east Rashugal.
  • Lakutam Seahaven (ラコルム海停?) - An ocean portal in central Auj Oule.


  • Laforte Research Center (ラフォート研究所?) - A lab operated by the Rashugal government, where military spiritology is researched under orders from Orda Palace.
  • Kijara Seafalls (キジル海瀑?) - A waterfall in the mountains of Auj Oule that possesses a unique spirit clime.
  • Sapstrath Deepwood (サマンガン樹界?) - It is said that few who set foot in this massive forest are ever heard from again.
  • Bermia Gorge (バーミア峡谷?) - A liminal region where the wind blows all year round, due to a spirit clime that is rarely seen in Rieze Maxia.
  • Fort Gandala (ガンダラ要塞?) - An impregnable stronghold south of Fennmont, ostensibly built to safeguard the city and its trade routes.
  • Felgana Mine (フェルガナ鉱山?) - This well-known former mine helped sustain Leronde's ore rush.
  • Orda Palace (オルダ宮?) - The palace inhabited by Rashugal's king. Its unparalleled grandeur is seen as a symbol of imperial power.
  • Fezebel Marsh (ファイザバード沼野?) - A vast, impassable swampland whose spirit clime was irrevocably transformed 20 years prior.
  • Labari Hollow (リーベリー岩孔?) - A facility that was built to exploit the area's natural terrain, but has since been reduced to a monster nest.
  • Nia Khera Hallowmont (ニ・アケリア霊山?) - A mountain that towers over Nia Khera, and is said to be the point closest to the spirit world.


  • Aladhi Trail (イラート間道?) - A road that runs from Aladhi Seahaven to Hamil.
  • Galia Trail (ガリー間道?) - A road that runs from Hamil to Kijara Seafalls.
  • Nia Khera Spiritway (ニ・アケリア参道?) - A road that connects Nia Khera and Milla's Shrine.
  • Sapstrath Highroad (サマンガン街道?) - A road that connects Sapstrath Seahaven and Sharilton.
  • Culmar Trail (クラマ街道?) - A road that runs from Sharilton to Bermia Gorge.
  • Talys Highroad (タラス街道?) - A road that runs from Sharilton to Fort Gandala.
  • Voltea Woods (ボルテア森道?) - A forest that extends from Leronde to the mines.
  • Old Vicalle Mine (バイカール廃坑?) - A sealed mine shaft. Visitors are no longer allowed inside.
  • Lakutam Highroad (ラコルム街道?) - A road that runs from Lakutam Seahaven to Xian Du.
  • Royal Hunting Grounds (王の狩り場?) - An area under the tribes' jurisdiction used as a hunting ground by Auj Oule kings for generations.
  • Xagut Floodmeadow (ソグド湿道?) - A swampy region that extends north from Nia Khera.
  • Mon Highlands (モン高原?) - A plateau that extends from Xian Du to Kanbalar.
  • Barnauer Highroad (バルナウル街道?) - A road that runs from Fennmont to Fort Gandala. Due to its spirit clime, the northern portion is in perpetual night.
  • Arklund Quag (アルカンド湿原?) - Vast wetlands that extend to the Fezebel Marsh north of Fennmont.
  • Xailen Woods (ザイラの森?) - A forest on the outskirts of Kanbalar.