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Rimul Aileron
Rimul (TotR).png
Appearance Tales of Destiny 2
Hometown Lienea
Race Er'ther
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Yukino May
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Rimul Aileron[1] (リムル・エルロン Rimuru Eruron?) is a supporting character in Tales of Destiny 2. She is the daughter of Lilith Aileron and her husband Bacchus, making her Stahn Aileron's niece and Kyle Dunamis's cousin.


Abrupt Meeting

Rimul appears during a sidequest involving the Neuestadt coliseum arena. Upon entering the arena, Rimul accidentally bumps into Kyle and apologizes, recognizing him but saying nothing more before leaving. Loni Dunamis comments on Rimul's seemingly rude behavior before Judas asks if he wishes to chase her down and fight, iterating that she would likely defeat Loni in seconds. Although Loni remains confident, Judas comments that his overconfidence would lead to his defeat, stating that the girl is no ordinary person. Nanaly Fletcher finds Judas's perception somewhat unusual, but he claims that he recognizes strength in a person is all, and that there are so few worthy opponents in life. Harold Berselius mocks Judas's resolve, but he makes it evident that that Rimul is a little girl whom he does not wish to ever fight.

Champion of the Arena

Later, the group returns to the Neuestadt arena and overhears the President of the arena commenting on a female contender's strength. Shortly afterward, Rimul passes the group without accepting her reward, and the arena manager follows behind, asking the group if they saw her pass through and mentioning her by name. He then elaborates on her impressive strength in the arena, and the group explains that she just left. The arena manager leaves, prompting the group to discuss Rimul's abilities in the arena, seeking to test people rather than gain fame or riches.

The group later finds Rimul in town, where a villager is challenging her. Kyle prepares to help Rimul, but she quickly warns the challenger to back down and fends him off after he makes an advance on a female villager. Kyle becomes more intrigued by Rimul and soon encounters her again a few hours later. She tells him that she is contemplating how to become stronger than she is now before leaving in a trance motivated by her desire to achieve greater feats.


Cut-in image for Tales of Destiny 2.

Later, the group finds an escaped monster in the arena, which Rimul quickly defeats. The group comments on Rimul's strength, and Kyle later enters as a contestant in the arena, facing Rimul during the final round. After her defeat, Rimul reveals to Kyle that her mother is Lilith, making Kyle her cousin. When Kyle asks why she failed to mention it before, she claims that she did not want him to go easy on her, seeking to fight him wholeheartedly. Rimul then states she will go on a trip to train and become stronger, beckoning Kyle to fight her again someday.

Appearance and Personality

Rimul Icon (TotR).png

Rimul bears the appearance of her famous relatives with her blond hair and fit physique. She keeps her hair in a ponytail, similarly to her mother, and dons simple blue and gray attire suitable for melee-oriented combat. In addition, Tales of the Rays introduces a clearer depiction of Rimul's outfit, revealing a small pink sunfish charm attached to a band around her waist, which may be a reference to her mother's Sunfish Screech move. Adamant in her desire to persistently become stronger and face worthy opponents, Rimul comes across as cold and distant. However, she attributes her behavior to her determination and later reveals a friendlier side after her defeat from Kyle.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

Like Stahn and Kyle, Rimul fights in battle using a sword and is capable of casting a number of offensive spells. Unlike the other two, however, Rimul fights barehanded, and is capable of drawing the weapon just as fast as she sheathes it, similar to the fictional portrayals of iaidou. All of her spells are Light-elemental moves that mirror Elrane's powerful repertoire, including Divine Saber and the devastating Sol Bright, which serves as Rimul's mystic arte. Unlike Elrane, who performs Sol Bright through an extension, Rimul uses the move as a counter to the use of a successful mystic arte.