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Rinwell (ToA).png
Appearance Tales of Arise
Age 14
Height 158 cm
Race Dahnan
Weapon Book
Japanese Voice Actor Sayuri Hara
English Voice Actor Christine Marie Cabanos[1]

Rinwell (リンウェル Rinweru?) is a playable character in Tales of Arise. She is a young Dahnan woman who, despite her Dahnan blood, is able to use astral artes.


Rinwell is perhaps the last of the Dahnan Mages. Before the Renan invasion, Dahnan Mages were already viewed with loathing, but Renans took that to extreme. Renans hunted them down to the brink of extinction. Rinwell was born to her unknown parents and they kept a low profile all their lives, yet still teaching Rinwell about astral artes.

On the most tragic day of her life, an astral arte she casted in secret from her parents, served as a beacon to the Renan Lord Almeidrea Kaineris, and she found Rinwell's parents and killed them without mercy. Rinwell witnessed the whole thing and developed a burning hatred towards Almeidrea and Renans as a whole. For some reason Almeidrea spared Rinwell. She also blamed herself for her parents' deaths. She swore never to use astral artes again, and became a scout within Cyslodian resistance.

Right after Alphen and Shionne defeated Balseph, Lord of Calaglia, Rinwell stumbled upon Calaglia and collapsed. She was brought to Ulzebek to recover, and revealed she was sent to Calaglia to enlist help for Cyslodia. Alphen, Shionne and Zephyr agree to help her, although Rinwell is more than appalled a Renan would help her.

Appearance and Personality

Rinwell has jaw-length black hair and brown eyes. She wears a white and blue striped shirt, with the blue stripes reaching to the bottom part of her short black and blue shorts. Rinwell wears a sleeveless blue coat with a hood with gold outlines. It is kept together by a large golden butterfly pin on her chest. She uses sleeves on belts tied around her arms to partially cover them with blue material and she wears dark leather gloves. Rinwell covers most of her legs with blue socks and long, loose fitting boots, both with gold adornments.

Due to her past with Renans and the situation Ganabelt put in Cyslodia, Rinwell harbors hatred and hostility towards Renans, including Shionne and Dohalim despite both of them being party members. But the more she travels with them and learns about their past, she begins to see how narrow-minded her view about Renans were, never considering that every individual is different. Over time, she begins to see Shionne as the big sister she never had.

Rinwell appears to be knowledgeable about Dahnan culture from the books that she read despite most of it are long gone and forgotten after the Renans' invasion.

Fighting Style

Rinwell is a long-distance fighter who primarily relies on astral artes. Her normal attacks use astral energy and can deal elemental damage depending on which normal attack she uses. Though her artes are strong and have a wide reach, casting them takes time, so she needs to keep distance from the enemy before attempting any artes. Rinwell can earn arte profiency in Light Strike (光撃?), Wind Strike (風撃?), and Water Strike (水撃?). When Auto Mode is enabled, Rinwell will primarily target enemies with lower HP during combat. Like Rita Mordio from Tales of Vesperia, she tends to perform a quick turn around when she is about to cast a spell. Rinwell's perk, Magic Charging, allows her to delay the activation of an astral arte and use it alongside other attacks, allowing her to create devastating combos.

In Tales of the Rays, a modified version of Magic Charging is present in which Rinwell can simultaneously chant the same spell twice, but not two different ones. This results in casting spell's base version, followed by its higher version, which are different from their Tales of Arise incarnations. Only Maelstrom is exempt from this rule as it only has a master arte version, with no Magic Charge version for either form.