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ToP iOS Rising Phoenix

Rising Phoenix as it appears in Tales of Phantasia (iOS).

Rising Phoenix (鳳凰天駆 Hououtenku?, "Phoenix Heavenly Drive"), also localized as Spin Flare and Phoenix Strike, is an arte that has appeared in many titles in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History[]

Spin Flare (ToD PSX)

Spin Flare as it appears in Tales of Destiny (PSX).

Rising Phoenix has appeared in most Tales installments since Tales of Phantasia. In its original form used by Cress Albane, he physically transforms into a phoenix and flies toward his enemy, but its subsequent appearances are more metaphorical to the name via the user wrapping themselves in flames shaped akin to a phoenix. The user jumps into the air and thrusts down with a fiery, blazing wave, striking downward with a crimson blade, burning dropkick, or blazing fist.

In the original Tales of Destiny, this arte represents a union of Fireball and Spin Slash. The latter arte is represented in the initial rising action that takes place upon activating the arte, enabling Stahn Aileron to deal damage while back-flipping into the air, followed by dive-bombing his enemies while bathed in flame. This variation of the arte is particularly potent because it can be used to traverse the entire battle area much faster than simply running across the same distance. If the enemy target is far enough from Stahn's starting position, he will flip forward as if he is performing a standard Spin Slash, allowing him to gain altitude and distance before the dive-bombing portion of the attack activates, launching him across the remainder of the distance toward his target. The remake versions of Tales of Destiny greatly inhibit the potential for distance-based movement, exchanging it for rapid execution and improved combo potential.

In Tales of Symphonia, Rising Phoenix is triggered only if Lloyd Irving has a Fire-elemental enchant active while using Rising Falcon, after it has been mastered through enough usage. This enchant can be achieved by equipping a Fire-based weapon or the Garnet accessory, using a Red Quartz during battle, or activating Sheena Fujibayashi's Sylva Seal: Fire. After this, Rising Phoenix will always replace Rising Falcon while any Fire-elemental enchant is in use. Despite these requirements, it becomes a standard arte in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, along with Blazing Tempest, to correspond with Lloyd's focus on Fire-elemental abilities in the game. Additionally, in the PlayStation 3 and Definitive Edition ports of Tales of Vesperia, Flynn is able to use the arte as an altered arte with the skill Hell Fire equipped while using Rising Falcon, similarly to Lloyd's requirements.

In Tales of the Rays, this arte is Fire-elemental for most of the users who can use this arte while Cress's version is Light-elemental at the sixth enhancement and Stahn's and Liwanna Gimlay's version can be used in midair at the sixth and at the first enhancement respectively. Additionally, Kyle Dunamis's version, borrowing his father Stahn's variant, can alter into Exheat when standing or moving, Alphen's version is the master arte to Hitenshouku, replacing that arte when used as the sixth or later action in a chain and Ix Nieves's version alters into the zero arte Hiou Tenshouku when the enemy is inflicted with the Weakness status aliment. In Tales of Crestoria, this arte has 30% chance to inflict Burn on the enemy for three turns.


Hououtenku (ToD PS2)

Hououtenku as it appears in the PlayStation 2 remake of Tales of Destiny.

Original Titles

Rising Phoenix (ToV)

Rising Phoenix as it appears in Tales of Vesperia.

Crossover Titles

Rising Phoenix (ToG)

Rising Phoenix as it appears in Tales of Graces ƒ.

Other Titles



Fan-Translated Names[]

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Rising Phoenix (ToA)

Rising Phoenix as it appears in Tales of Arise.

Tales of Phantasia (SFC)[]

Japanese Description: 不死鳥のオーラに身を空高く舞い上がり敵に空撃する技
Romanized Description: Fushichou no oora ni mi wo tsutsun de kuu takaku mai ugari teki ni kuugeki suru waza
Translated Description (DeJap Translations): "Transforms your body into the flaming bird of legend."[1]

Tales of Phantasia (PSX)[]

Translated Description (Absolute Zero): "Engulfed in the flames of the phoenix, take flight and descend upon your enemies."

Tales of Phantasia (GBA)[]

Japanese Description: 不死鳥のオーラに包んで身を空高く舞い上がり敵に空撃する
Romanized Description: Fushichou no oora ni mi wo tsutsun de kuu takaku mai ugari teki ni kuugeki suru
Localized Description: "Envelop body in a Phoenix aura and shoot into the sky to strike enemy."

Tales of Destiny (PSX)[]

Japanese Description: 回転ジャンプ後、目標に炎を纏って突撃する
Localized Description: "Fires off a burst of flame at a target after a spin jump."

Tales of Eternia[]

Japanese Description: 炎を纏って上昇、目標に向かって突撃する奥義
Localized Description: "Sacred Skill. Thrust into the air shrouded in flames."

Tales of Destiny (PS2) + Director's Cut[]

Japanese Description: 鳳凰の気をまとい、空中から特攻する 術剣技。ダウン中の敵にも追撃可能
Translated Description (Life Bottle Productions): "Unleash a blazing descent upon an enemy from on high. Lifts downed enemies."

Alternate Japanese Quote: 舞え!紅蓮の翼!
Alternate Romanized Quote: Mae! Guren no tsubasa!

Tales of Legendia[]

Japanese Description: 炎をまとい宙を舞い、急降下して敵をダウンさせる特技。
Localized Description: "Base: Down the enemy in a blazing attack from above."

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology[]

Localized Description: "Arcane: Unleash a blazing descent upon an enemy from on high."

User: Stahn Aileron
Japanese Quote: 燃えつきろ!
Localized Quote: "Die in flames!"

User: Reid Hershel
Japanese Quote: もらった
Localized Quote: "All mine!"

Tales of Innocence[]

Japanese Description: 炎をまといつつ前方に急降下攻撃をする秘技

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World[]

Japanese Description: 空中に飛び上がり、炎を宿した刀と共に 急降下によって攻撃する奥義
Localized Description: "Arcane: Jump into the air and descend with a blazing sword strike."

Tales of Vesperia (PS3) + Definitive Edition[]

Japanese Description: 鳳凰の闘気をまとい敵に 高速で突進するスキル変化技
Localized Quote: "Altered Arte: Utilize the power of the phoenix to perform a high-speed charge at the enemy."

Tales of Hearts[]

Japanese Description: 荒ぶる炎念を込めた蹴りで 上空から強襲する大技。

Japanese Quote: 隙ありっ!

Tales of Graces ƒ[]

Japanese Description: 空中から鳳凰の如き炎をまとい、敵を焼き尽くす。ダウン中の敵に効果的。

User: Amber
Localized Quote: "It's over!"

User: Little Queen
Localized Quote: "So long!"

Tales of Innocence R[]

Japanese Description: 凰のオーラを全身に纏い 急降下で敵を焼き尽くす秘技

Tales of Hearts R[]

Japanese Description: 荒ぶる炎念を込めた蹴りで 上空から強襲する大技
Localized Description: "A savage kick from above that harnesses the power of raging flame."

Tales of Zestiria[]

Japanese Description: 垂直に跳躍し、鳳凰の如き炎をまとい突撃。空中連携可能。『夢双香』の上位奥義。
Localized Description: "Performs a downwards dive kick followed by a charge shrouded in the flames of the phoenix. Can be used in aerial combos. Higher hidden arte of Dream Slasher."

Alternate Japanese Quote: 焼き尽くす!
Alternate Localized Quote: "Raze my enemies!"

Tales of the Rays[]

Japanese Description: 炎をまとった空中からの急襲
Localized Description: "A flame-sheathed strike from the sky."

User: Kyle Dunamis
Japanese Description:


User: Alphen
Japanese Description: 炎の剣を携え、鳳凰となって突撃する秘技

Japanese Quote: 燃えろ!鳳凰天駆!

Tales of Crestoria[]

Japanese Quote: 行くぜ!鳳凰天駆!

Tales of Arise[]

Japanese Description: 炎の剣を構え、鳳凰となって突撃する。使用すると自身もダメージを受ける
Localized Description: "Charges the enemy with the Blazing Sword in hand, becoming a phoenix incarnate. Inflicts self-damage when used."