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ToL Opening 1

A Rite of Feriyen being performed during the opening theme of Tales of Legendia.

The Rite of Feriyen (水舞の儀式 Mizumai no Gishiki?, "Rite of the Water Dance") is the courtship ritual performed mainly by the Ferines in Tales of Legendia.


When a man wishes to propose to a woman, both dive into the ocean, and the woman swims away from the man quickly. The man must chase and catch her, then embrace her under the water. If the surrounding water glows, Nerifes has blessed the relationship, and the marriage may take place. The woman may also pursue the man. It was Senel Coolidge's ambition to ask Stella Telmes to perform the Rite of Feriyen with him, but her untimely death made this impossible. At the end of the Main Quest, Senel, weak from his battle with the Raging Nerifes, falls off the Wings of Light and into the sea. Shirley Fennes leaps in after him and wraps her arms around him. The sea begins to glow, although their intent was certainly not to perform this rite at that time.