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Roaring Storm (轟爆旋風牙 Goubaku Senpuuga?, "Roaring Explosion Whirlwind Fang") is a Wind-elemental arcane arte that is thus far exclusive to Eugene Gallardo from Tales of Rebirth.

Arte Description and History[]

Eugene combines the execution of Gouhasou with the Wind power of Senpuusou, to quickly switch his grip before plunging the spear into the ground, creating gusts of wind around him.


Original Titles

Crossover Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

Japanese Description: 地面に槍を突き立てた衝撃で旋風が渦巻く奥義
Localized Description: "Arcane: Thrust the spear into the ground and bring forth a whirlwind."