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Goubaku Jinsoushou (TotR)

Goubaku Jinsoushou used by Ricardo Soldato in Tales of the Rays.

Roaring Surge (轟爆迅槍衝 Goubaku Jinsoushou?, "Roaring Explosion Rapid Spear Thrust"), also localized as Howling Spear Blast, is an arcane arte usually associated with Eugene Gallardo from Tales of Rebirth.

Arte Description and History[]

Goubaku Jinsoushou (TotR) Eugene

Goubaku Jinsoushou used by Eugene Gallardo in Tales of the Rays.

The user slams their spear onto the ground, causing rock spikes to shoot around them and push enemies away. Immediately afterward, the user repeats the thrust, generating projectile energy blades that shoot outward to hit the enemies that have been pushed away. In Tales of Rebirth, this arte is derived from Rekkusou and Gouhasou.

In Tales of the Rays, this arte is Earth-elemental. While Ricardo's version relatively stays the same, Eugene's version has him skewer the opponent with his spear, and then charge it with Earth chiral particles, before swinging the spear upward, causing the ground to rupture. Ricardo's version is his reward mirrage arte while Eugene's is the master arte to Jinsoushou, replacing that arte when used as the sixth or later action in a chain.

In Tales of Luminaria, where it is localized as Howling Spear Blast, it is one of Raoul's mystic artes. He performs with his spear a wide sweep, followed by three thrusts and two spinning slashes, before jumping and stabbing the ground, causing boulders to shoot around him.


Howling Spear Blast (ToLuminaria)

Howling Spear Blast as it appears in Tales of Luminaria

Original Titles

Crossover Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

Japanese Description: 轟破槍から追撃で前後に衝撃波を放つ奥義
Localized Description: "Arcane: Roaring spear unleashes two shockwaves."

Tales of the Rays[]

User: Ricardo Soldato
Japanese Description: 岩槍を砕いた余波で衝撃波を発生させ自身前後の敵もろとも滅する魔鏡技

Japanese Quote: 魔鏡技!悪く思うなよ?轟爆迅槍衝!

User: Eugene Gallardo
Japanese Description: 大地を鳴動させた後、より鋭利な岩槍を轟音と共に呼び出す秘技

Japanese Quote: 隙あり…!轟爆!迅槍衝!

Tales of Luminaria[]

Japanese Description: 対象の敵に対して、六連撃を行った後、最後は槍を地面に突き刺して、衝撃波を発生させる
Localized Description: "Deals a six-combo attack against the enemy, finishing with a spear-thrust shock wave"