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Rodyle (ToCE).png
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Residences Remote Island Human Ranch
Race Half-elf
Occupation Desian Grand Cardinal
Weapon Arm-sickle
Japanese Voice Actor Takeshi Aono
English Voice Actor Daran Norris

Rodyle (ロディル Rodiru?), full title Iron Will Rodyle, is an antagonist in Tales of Symphonia and one of the five Desian Grand Cardinals. He oversees the Remote Island Human Ranch.


Angelus Project

At some point several years before the story, Presea Combatir's sister Alicia Combatir left to serve the Bryant family, and her father, Sieg, became very ill and unable to continue working as a lumberjack. She had to continue working to feed her and her father, so she forged a deal with Rodyle, that she would take part in his experiments in exchange for enough power to wield her father's axe and continue working in his place. Rodyle performed these experiments without Cruxis knowing, and planned to use the power of the Angelus Project to overthrow Pronyma and became the leader of the Desian Grand Cardinals.

Rodyle worked together with Kvar on their experiments, designing both the Mana Cannon and the Angelus Project. Although it is unknown if Kvar knew the intent of Rodyle's deception, he makes no mention of him. After his death, Rodyle appears as a hologram and extracts all the information stored in the human ranch concerning the Mana Cannon and the Angelus Project. Another of his deceptions involves him telling Magnius that Cruxis wanted the Chosen dead, instead of just pursuing her and making her journey more stressful. Forcystus was also given this information, since Magnius tries in his agony to talk to Forcystus to "warn him," though he is stopped by Rodyle, who sarcastically thanks him for all the money Magnius gained from Palmacosta and gave to him.

Mana Cannon and Ranch Infiltration

After learning that Rodyle is planning to use a Mana Cannon to destroy the Tower of Salvation and make himself the ruler of the two worlds, Lloyd Irving and his companions, as well as Botta and a few of the Renegades, infiltrate the Remote Human Ranch. Along the way, the party frees the prisoners that are imprisoned inside of the ranch. When Rodyle is found by the party, he traps the prisoners that they had helped escape in a room and begins to flood it with water, hoping to drown them. Just before he fights the party, he equips what he believes to be a Cruxis Crystal to himself, hoping to increase his power. However the crystal transforms Rodyle's body into that of an unstable monster. After he is defeated, he realizes that Pronyma, the one who gave him the "Cruxis Crystal", tricked him, and that his body is falling apart. Before dying, Rodyle activates the self-destruct sequence of the ranch and dies at the controls.

Appearance and Personality

Game model in Tales of Symphonia.

Rodyle's attire is very basic apart from his unusually-styled cape that is elevated from his shoulders and extends in the front. He wears a lime green top and gray pants, while his gloves and boots are a combination of lime green, white, and beige. Rodyle has long, purple hair and small, beady eyes that are distinguishable behind a pair of dark red, rounded pince-nez glasses.

His mutated form is similar to Marble in her "Exebula" form, the direct result of an unstable Exsphere. Unlike his regular form, his Exebula form wears a set of plate armor complete with a helmet. His right arm ends in a handless stub, while his left arm is fully formed and has a scythe attached to its gauntlet. Looking at the mutant Rodyle's helmet, glowing red eyes peer out, and the lower portion of his face is exposed, revealing a decaying mouth full of pointed teeth. Attached to the monster's back is a bizarre pulsating organ resembling a giant brain.

Rodyle is deceitful, opportunistic, and highly proud of his cunning and intellect. He is willing to work with humans as well as half-elves, as proven by his cooperation with the Pope of Tethe'alla during the experiments on Presea and his purchase of Exspheres from Vharley. However, he views both his associates and his allies as pawns; he has no qualms about manipulating them and will lie to them or endanger their lives as his needs dictate. He especially seems to enjoy profiting at their expense, as seen when he gloatingly thanks the dying Magnius for collecting Gald for him and steals research data from the deceased Kvar. The only thing Rodyle shows affection for are his "darling" pet dragons.

Fighting Style

Chibi artwork.

As a Desian Grand Cardinal, Rodyle is a formidable opponent. Though his fighting style is never seen, Rodyle easily dodges an attack from Lloyd and is seen balancing precariously on the back of a winged dragon, demonstrating great balance. He also bears the ability to train dragons as pets and have them carry out complicated commands, such as kidnapping Colette Brunel for him.

Rodyle is never fought in his half-elf form, instead being fought as an advanced, mutated "Exebula"-type creature. The mutation grants him massive offense and defense at the cost of speed and mobility. He is armed with a sickle on his massive forearm, slicing with it or simply smashing it onto the ground for heavy damage. Rodyle makes use of powerful Earth magic, casting Grave and Gravity Well effectively. Rodyle has an exclusive technique available only to him known as Insanity Force (インセイン・フォース?, "Insane Force"), though the move's name is highly similar to Marble's Insane Cell. The move sees him harnessing white energy on his chest plate, then releasing it in a violent explosion. Any target caught in the blast is dealt massive damage and blown backward.