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Roen Lamoa
Roen Portrait (ToF1).png
Appearance Tales of Eternia
Residences Inferia City
Age 23
Race Inferian
Occupation Captain of the Royal Guard
Japanese Voice Actor Hideo Ishikawa

Roen Lamoa (ロエン・ラーモア Roen Raamoa?) is a supporting character in Tales of Eternia.



Roen is a good friend of Rassius Luine, but they have always shared a certain rivalry, primarily because of Roen. The two were also good friends with the Princess of Inferia, Arende, but at some point, Roen developed romantic feelings for her and even courted her. However, Arende fell in love with Ras, who did not return her feelings but enjoyed her company as a friend and talked with her about his problems, worries, and plans. Roen therefore often felt neglected by Arende but nonetheless looked out for her well-being. Over time, Roen became a recruit in the Royal Army, then soon rose to Captain of the Royal Guard. As such, he spends most of his time in Inferia City, while Ras travels the world.

Role in the Plot

Roen appears for the first time in Inferia City when the heroes visit the Archbishop at the local church, informing him of the growing dark matter they view as a sign of cataclysm. However, as the church sees dark matter as the beginning of Seyfert's return, the Archbishop accuses them of blasphemy and has them captured by Roen. They are then threatened with capital punishment, which Roen proceeds to execute by filling the chasm in which they are trapped with water, per the Queen's orders despite Arende's objection. The group is saved only due to Claudio Zosimo's intervention.

Roen Sprite (ToE).png

After this, Roen is seen as a constant companion of Arende while they spend time in the castle. He offers Keele Zeibel a position at the Royal Observatory, which Keele accepts behind the group's back. Roen is then sent to Celestia for war, and though Arende expresses her concern for Roen's unit and her desire for them to be withdrawn, she feels she cannot request this with her father, the King.

Roen is seen a final time at the Craymel Cannon in the courtyard of Balir's Castle. Previously, Roen had intended to attack the Craymel Cannon, but due to Hyades's hostage capture of Ayla, Roen is forced to change his plans. His troops are killed by Hyades, which spurs Roen to face him alone until he is rescued by the heroes. After Galenos delivers a message to Roen from Ras, he then cooperates and works on behalf of Inferia with the Celestian people. He assembles as many Craymel Cages from Inferia as possible to use for the Fringe Cannon, helping build them alongside Ayla.


  • Roen is one of the characters from Tales of Eternia who makes an appearance in Tales of Fandom Vol.1. If the player chooses the wrong option at certain points in the story, he has Keele executed.