Rokurou Rangetsu

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Game Tales of Berseria
Age 22
Height 180 cm
Race •Human (former)
Daemon (current)
Weapon Dual Blades
Japanese Voice Actor Daisuke Kishio
English Voice Actor Benjamin Diskin[1][2]
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Rokurou Rangetsu (ロクロウ・ランゲツ?) is a protagonist in Tales of Berseria. Despite having become a daemon, he continues to walk his own path. He has an older brother, Shigure Rangetsu.


Rokurou is a part of the Rangetsu family from outside of the continent, signified by his unusual appearance and attire. He is the sixth child, thus the name "Rokurou". One day, word got out that his brother, Shigure, meant to abandon his master, Lancelot. As a response for this treachery, Lancelot ordered Rokurou to kill Shigure, for a Ragnetsu swordsman can only be defeated by another Rangetsu swordsman. On the day the two fought, Rokurou came at Shigure with a large sword. Shigure single-handedly defeated his brother with only a knife. Shigure told Rokurou to get stronger before leaving. Humiliated and filled with hatred toward his own weakness, Rokurou became a daemon, but managed to retain himself.

As punishment for failure, Lancelot had Rokurou thrown in Titania. He later joins Velvet Crowe on her journey as a way of paying off his debt for telling him where to find the sword he wears on his back. Referring to it as "His life." And that his family always pays what is owed. A "witch" named Magilou tags along as they steal an exorcist ship and sail away from the island.

Taking his changed appearance in stride, Rokurou moves ever forward, advancing his family's sword style. Rokurou is on the hunt to kill Shigure, just to because he is strong. Later on in the story it is revealed that he spread rumors about Shigure, that Shigure plotted to assassinate the clan leader, plus he wanted everything his brother had which was status money and his family, in order to have a just cause for killing him. With his newly forged sword Stormquell he successfully kills his brother. At the end of the story he chooses not to be purified, and with his brother's sword Stormhowl, he continues to search for worthy opponents to battle.

Appearance and Personality

Rokurou takes the appearance of a samurai, with traditional clothing and armor. Despite his human-like appearance, his true nature as a daemon appears on the right side of his face, which is dyed black with red markings surrounding a red eye. Rokurou himself is kind and cheerful, taking care of the people around him. In this, he is a good match for the headstrong and reckless Velvet Crowe, as well as the initially blank and will-less Laphicet. He is jovial, supportive, and protective of the other members of the party, serving as a parental figure to Laphicet and Kamoana and a drinking buddy to Eizen, while passionately fighting alongside Velvet and keeping Eleanor Hume from being sucked into the Earthpulse. He frequently teases Magilou much like a brother would.

Fighting Style

Rokurou fights using two blades, neither of which is the sword across his back. His martial artes consist of slashing twin blades, while his hidden artes are seal-based elemental attacks that follow a numerical system. His Break Soul is Vengeful Stance, which has him enter a counterattack stance that goes off if struck, similar to Chloe Valens from Tales of Legendia. His mystic artes are Form 0: Sunder, Rangetsu Heron, and Form 9: Final Judgment. He also shares a dual mystic arte with Eizen known as Last Laugh.

It is due to his arte setup in gameplay that Rokurou can be a very difficult character to use when faced off against any enemies resistant to non-elemental damage, as well as with large groups of enemies, giving him trouble due to his lack of decent area-of-effects. His hidden artes are also fairly difficult to use, as some of them require proper placement, as well as having a non-standard Break Soul to make use of in the form of a counter or reversal. However, if fully mastered, Rokurou can easily extend combos in various ways on any single target, via either intuitive use of his artes or timing his Break Soul during an incoming armored-counterattack during his assault in order to keep up his own offense.



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  • In one of the game's skits, Rokurou reveals that he is a Yaksha, which is a war daemon.
  • According to a special skit that comes with a pre-ordered copy of Tales of Berseria, Rokurou's favorite past Tales series character is Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia. Being a fellow dual-wielder, Rokurou finds Lloyd's claim of two swords being twice the power of one sword to be an inspiring philosophy.


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