Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Xillia 2
Hometown Trigleph
Age 3
Race Cat
English Voice Actor Erin Fitzgerald[1]
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Rollo (ルル Ruru?, "Lulu") is the cat of Ludger and Julius Will Kresnik in Tales of Xillia 2. He is also a dear friend of Elle Mel Marta and leads the group of cats that is sent to gather items.


Rollo is originally introduced in the Trigleph apartment of Ludger and Julius. It is shown that if Ludger responds to Elle that Julius is Rollo's owner in a skit, Julius tells her that he found Rollo as a kitten three years prior to the plot while he was searching for Ludger, who had been rejected by a girl and ran away from home. He then follows the group on their adventures. When the group leaves for one of the fractured dimensions, Rollo is unknowingly left behind. When the group returns, Elle brings back the fractured Rollo. The two meet, and the fractured Rollo fades from existence. This leads the fractured Milla to discover that two of the same object or person cannot exist at the same time in the prime dimension.

Appearance and Personality

Rollo is a white, obese cat with large, green eyes and gray accents on his face, ears, tail, and three of his feet. His upper-right paw is the only exception to this, as it remains white. Rollo wears a black collar with a large, black bell adorned with a green ring.


  • In Tales of the World: Reve Unitia, Julius unknowingly talks about Rollo, mainly worrying about him, to Ludger in one of their conversation skits. At the end of the skit, neither of them can remember Rollo.
  • In Tales of Berseria, Velvet mentions a cat named Rollo that chased Niko's dogs up a tree. In addition, the Lulu Doll, one of Magilou's Guardians, is patterned after Rollo.


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