Rondoline E. Effenberg
Rondoline E. Effenberg
Game Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X
Tales of Phantasia: Cross Edition
Age 19
Height 5'3" / 160 cm
Weight 109 lbs / 49 kg
Weapon Swords
Japanese Voice Actor Eri Kitamura
Character Designer Kousuke Fujishima

Rondoline E. Effenberg (ロンドリーネ・E・エッフェンベルグ Rondoliine E. Effenberugu?), known simply as Rody to her friends, is a main protagonist in Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X. She is also a playable character in Tales of Phantasia: Cross Edition, a remake of Tales of Phantasia that was bundled with Narikiri Dungeon X.


Rody was adopted by a man named Victor E. Effenberg and raised in the Forest of Spirits as his daughter, during which time she was taught the ways of the sword and about the world outside the forest. They lived happily together until the day Victor left for Midgards, saying that he had a big job to do. Wandering in the forest, Rody met a man named Dhaos who came every day to visit the World Tree. Slowly she struck up a friendship with him, and in return he taught her how to use magic. Beneath his cold exterior, the Dhaos that Rody knew was a kind and caring man, and she grew over time to admire him.

On the last day that they were together, Dhaos presented Rody with a gift of a magical ring. The next day, he was nowhere to be found, as he had traveled into the future to begin his plan, leaving Rody all alone once more. To her surprise, the ring allowed Rody to travel through time. She followed Dhaos to the future, only to discover that there he was known as a ruthless and evil Demon King. Shocked and unwilling to believe what she was hearing, Rody decided to go on a quest to confront Dhaos and discover the truth, even if it meant losing one of her most important friendships, an idea that secretly terrified her.

Rody joined up with Cress Albane's party and together they assaulted Dhaos's Castle. However, before she could confront Dhaos, one of the monsters within the castle inadvertently activated the magic within Rody's ring and flung her to a different age. She reunited with Cress's party and discovered that a merchant was selling her father's coveted sword, Dragonov. Speaking with the merchant, she discovered a terrible truth: her father was a member of the Eclipse Clan, a notorious group of assassins noteworthy for the initial "E" in their names. Rondoline became even more distraught that her father had lied to her, but hid her true feelings from the rest of her friends.

After saving the merchant from a group of monsters, he attempted to give Dragonov to Rody for free, as she was the true "Child of Eclipse". Though Rody turned it down at first, later an assassin from the Eclipse Clan approached her to reveal Victor's last wish and the reason he raised her in ignorance. He had wished for Rody to live a peaceful, ordinary life. Though Rody was annoyed that her father had not had the courage to tell her directly, she accepted his wish and took up Dragonov. Though Rody had gained the resolve to confront Dhaos, a magical trap in Dhaos's Castle once again activated the magic in her ring and flung her to another era. Though Cress attempted to save her with the Eternal Sword, she convinced him to let her go and with her final words urged him to defeat Dhaos.

Appearance and Personality

Rody Cut-in (ToP-NDX)

Cut-in image for Narikiri Dungeon X.

Rody is a cheerful and optimistic young woman. She has a strong, independent spirit from her years of living alone, but prefers to travel with other people for the company. She finds it very easy to get along with others, and always tries to keep spirits high. However, Rody also tends to suppress her own unhappiness or worries so that she does not worry other people. She uses her joking, carefree attitude to keep an emotional distance from her friends and protect herself from being hurt if they should suddenly leave her.

Fighting Style

Rody was trained in swordsmanship from a young age, and she is an incredibly experienced and refined swordswoman. She can also use magic, possessing offensive spells of every element.


Chibi Rody (ToP-NDX).png
Chibi artwork for Narikiri Dungeon X. 
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Status image in Narikiri Dungeon X. 
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Artwork for Tales of Link. 


  • The ring around Rondoline's neck was given to her by Dhaos and allows her to travel through time.