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Sabnock (ToD2).png
Appearance Tales of Destiny 2
Race Human
Weapon Katana
Japanese Voice Actor Nagamine Takashi

Sabnock (サブノック Sabunokku?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Destiny 2. His involvement in the game's story is subtle, but he does serve as a brief obstacle for the protagonists in Heidelberg Castle. Sabnock wears a suit of bronze- and gold-accented armor, as well as a lion-inspired helmet.


Sabnock makes a single appearance during the story, confronting the group in Heidelberg Castle, which is under attack. The group makes their way to King Woodrow Kelvin, defeating the demonic enemies attacking the castle's soldiers along the way. Before they can reach Woodrow, they are stopped by Sabnock, who introduces himself before announcing that he has come to claim the group's beliefs and lives. Reala urges Kyle Dunamis that they must reach Woodrow soon, so Kyle resolves to fight Sabnock in order to accomplish this. Sabnock then announces that he will determine whose belief, Kyle's or his own, is the firmest before the battle begins. After his defeat, Sabnock is not seen or mentioned again.

Fighting Style

In battle, Sabnock fights alongside a blue, leopard-like pet named Ose (オセ?), who casts novice, elemental spells. Sabnock himself is primarily a melee-oriented fighter with access to a single spell: Negative Gate, which is capable of knocking out any party member on standard settings. His weaknesses are the Water and Earth elements, making spells the most potent method of dealing damage to him. The battle ends when Sabnock is defeated, as Ose will flee. A spirit version of Sabnock can be fought in the Aqua Labyrinth, alongside spirit versions of Dantalion and Barbatos Goetia.


  • Sabnock's name derives from demonology and can be found in the Lesser Key of Solomon, an anonymous grimoire compiled in the mid-seventeenth century. Specifically, his name originates from the demon Marquis Sabnock, while Ose's name originates from the demon President Ose.