Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Innocence
Race Goddess
Weapon Tanto
Japanese Voice Actor Rumi Shishido
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Konohana Sakuya-hime (コノハナサクヤヒメ?), referred to simply as Sakuya (サクヤ?), is a flower goddess who once served as Asura's attendant in Tales of Innocence. Her reincarnation is Thitose Cxarma.


The first flashback depicting Sakuya occurs after Thitose congratulates Ruca Milda for his efforts on the Western Battlefield. In a mirrored scene, Sakuya is shown congratulating Asura on having defeated Ratio once again, though Asura downplays her enthusiasm. She then remarks that Asura seems happy, which she says, in turn, makes her happy. However, Asura disregards her comment and calls for a military meeting. He also calls for Inanna and tells Sakuya to gather the armies in preparation for another attack. After Asura leaves, Sakuya laments the thought of Asura meeting with Inanna before convincing herself that she must remove all desire for Asura as his subordinate, which only further saddens her.

Later, in Regnum Cavern, another flashback briefly depicts Sakuya again congratulating Asura, albeit this time for winning the war. Although Asura thanks her, he quickly redirects his attention toward Orifiel, leaving Sakuya ignored. Sakuya is not shown again until Thitose encounters Ruca in Ashihara, revealing her past self to him. In this particular flashback, Sakuya is shown speaking with Asura concerning the Manifest, which Asura claims he needs. Sakuya offers her life for the sake of activating the Manifest, but Asura refuses, claiming he would never sacrifice one of his subordinates or harm a beautiful body such as hers. Once more, Sakuya's jealous feelings of Inanna become more evident. This is the last scene depicting Sakuya.

Appearance and Personality

Cut-in image for Mortal Shadow in Tales of Innocence R.

Sakuya appears as a young woman with fair skin and long black hair. She has gold eyes and small red horns that emerge from her forehead. Her attire consists of a purple, kimono-style top that is fastened in the back with a large, extravagant ribbon that flows to the ground. Her gloves and boots are fastened with pink ribbon and mirror Thitose's kunoichi-inspired outfit. Sakuya's Tales of Innocence R cut-in image with Thitose reveals a lotus flower in the back of her hair, as well as some form of pink body art on her back. In addition, she wields a tanto in the same pose as Thitose. In a skit, Spada Belforma describes Sakuya as a woman of whom all Sensus men dreamed yet who only has eyes for Asura.