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Game Tales of Rebirth
Residences Balka
Age 24
Height 169 cm
Weight 54 kg
Race Huma
Occupation Member of the Four Stars
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Masami Kikuchi
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Saleh (サレ Sare?) is a major antagonist and member of the Four Stars in Tales of Rebirth. He is a twisted Huma who takes delight in the suffering of other people, especially Veigue Lungberg and his companions. Saleh is the only Huma member of the Four Stars, Tohma and Walto being Gajuma, and Militsa being a Half.


Huma Girl Abductions

Saleh is introduced in Sulz, where he appears and berates Tohma for his clumsy conduct in retrieving the most beautiful Huma girl in the village before acting himself, using his Force of Storm to threaten Popura so that Claire Bennett will offer herself willingly. Eugene Gallardo forces Veigue to withdraw his hostility, knowing Saleh is too great an adversary for them to defeat in their current state, which leaves Tohma and Saleh to leave the village with Claire.

Saleh is again seen with Tohma in Petnadjanka, where the group is successful in their pursuit of finding the two Four Stars members. Prior to the group's arrival in the city, Saleh and Tohma continued their expedition of gathering Huma girls in Petnadjanka, where the local factory's manager promised them Selena Crowe in exchange for his own daughter's safety. The abduction of Selena forced her brother, Tytree Crowe, to lose control of his Force of Wood and engulf the factory in overgrowth. When the group approaches the factory, the manager hysterically attempts to explain the current chaos. Saleh and Tohma appear and expose the manager of his desperate deal that led to Tytree's Force going "berserk". Saleh then uses his Force to allow himself and Tohma to escape with a group of Huma girls from the city, leaving the group to deal with Tytree inside the factory.

Calegia Castle and After

Saleh (ToCE)

Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve.

Later in the story, Saleh appears with Tohma at Calegia Castle, where they confront the group in one of the hallways that leads to the dais at the top of the castle. Refusing to move out of the group's way, Saleh and Tohma engage the group in battle but lose, leaving them stunned and immobile, which allows the group to pass. After the events at Calegia Castle, the world undergoes a drastic change in its racial relationships, causing strife across the country.

In Razilda, Saleh makes an appearance with Tohma and Milhaust Selkirk, who have come to settle a dispute between the Huma and Gajuma residents of the village. Although Saleh and Tohma attempt to deal with the situation through brute force, Milhaust commands them to stand down, which prompts them to leave. Saleh makes a few, brief appearances after these events, including deceiving the group at the Tower of Nereg; a confrontation with Agarte Lindblum, who is then occupying Claire's body; and appearing in Mao's hallucination during his Sacred Beast trial.

Showdown at Mount Sovereign

Saleh is then encountered a final time when the group ventures to Mount Sovereign. There, he joins Tohma, Walto, and Militsa for a final showdown against the group. Upon defeat, the Four Stars are in disbelief at their loss. While the group manages to convince Walto and Militsa to abandon their cause, Saleh and Tohma remain hostile. After the group proceeds into Mount Sovereign, Saleh beckons for them to kill him before being stabbed by Tohma, who claims to be acting under Lady Zilva Madigan's orders. Returning the favor, Saleh stabs Tohma, and the two die at the mouth of Mount Sovereign. Their bodies later dissipate after Zilva's defeat and Yuris's ascension.

Appearance and Personality

Saleh Portrait

Portrait artwork for Tales of Rebirth.

Saleh is tall, slender man with pale skin, blue eyes, and light, pastel-purple hair. He wears a fine blue suit with black and gold accents, as well as a elegant blue cape. The top of his suit is adorned with a blue collar that holds a pale yellow handkerchief. He wields a simple, slender sword that has a gold handle embedded with a large ruby. Personality-wise, Saleh is a sinister man who takes pleasure in seeing others suffer, much to the bewilderment of the protagonists, who find Saleh's demeanor disturbing.

Fighting Style

In battle, Saleh fights with a sword and makes use of his Force of Storm by casting powerful Wind-elemental spells. Although he does not possess many attacks, he is quick, making him hard to hit at times. He also excels in interrupting spellcasters due to his speed and swift moves. Like some Tales characters, Saleh can also side-dash so that he will be immediately behind his target, which allows him to evade attacks, land an attack of his own, or flee. If his health drops below 50% and the player or any other party member uses a healing item, he will also use a healing item known as a "Raspberry Gummy" on himself and increase his health by 10% of his total HP, making him one of the only antagonists in the series who practices item usage during battle.

Saleh uses quick but weak melee attacks with his sword and also has a knockdown attack. He uses three spells in battle: Wind Edge, a simple two-hit Wind-elemental spell that he can cast quickly; Gusty Nail, a mid-level spell that hits four-to-six times and does moderate damage in an average area of effect; and Fearful Storm, his strongest spell that does heavy damage, especially if the target is low in level or has a weak resistance against magical damage. Once his HP reaches 15% or less, Saleh can use the powerful Steife Brise. Saleh channels the Force of Storm in his sword and unleashes its power, depending on whom his last target was. This attack can also hit other party members whom Saleh is not targeting if they happen to be within range of it. It can hit his targets multiple times, dealing very large amounts of damage per hit.

Saleh Opening

Opening still from Tales of Rebirth.

In the PlayStation Portable release of Tales of Rebirth, this arte is given a cut-in image that appears only during the first use of this arte during the battle in Calegia Castle. Steife Brise is upgraded to mystic arte status in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3, serving as Saleh's signature attack in the game. Saleh is fought twice during the course of the main story: alongside Tohma at Calegia Castle and at Mount Sovereign alongside all members of the Four Stars. In Cyglorg's Chambers, the game's bonus dungeon, Saleh can be fought alongside the other Four Stars, as well as cloned versions of themselves, for a total of eight enemies, on the 60th floor of the dungeon.

Other Appearances

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3

Saleh makes an appearance in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 as one of the antagonists in the main story. He is the first boss the player encounters in a quest with Veigue, Mint Adenade, and Kor Meteor. He is seen cornering Estelle and interrogating her until the Descender and their party arrive. He is fought a second time mid-game when he kidnaps Claire. Veigue requests the assistance of the Descender, together with Spada Belforma, to defeat Saleh. This is the last time he is encountered in the main story after his defeat. Once the final main quest is completed, Saleh can be fought again when Veigue requests it. In this battle, he multiplies into four entities. He is eventually defeated, however, before succumbing to his wounds and dying. There is a code in the arena, in which he can be fought alongside Barbatos Goetia.


Saleh Cut-in (ToR).jpg
Cut-in image for Tales of Rebirth. 
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Saleh (ToA).png
Artwork for Tales of Asteria. 
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Artwork for Tales of Link. 


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