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Salvation Front
Game Tales of the Rays
Leader Phillip Reston
Headquarters Altamira

The Salvation Front (救世軍 Kyuuseigun?, "Salvation Army") is a global-spanning militia formed by the inhabitants of Tir Na Nog. They initially oppose Sellund's prime minister, Gefion, who they claim has sinister motives as a mole from Bifrost. After the Mirrorshift, the Front reforms under new leadership and allies themselves with Mileena Weiss.


Although united under the goal of defeating Gefion, the prime minister suspects that Phillip Reston and their friend, Friesel, founded the Salvation Front with the hidden purpose of gathering Gefion's dissenters. This would hypothetically allow the two to manipulate their movements and minimize interference with the Aegis Project. However, Phillip's misguided attempts at experimenting on himself eventually leads to his alternate self, Phantom, usurping his position as leader, assassinating Friesel, and radicalizing some of the Front's members to suit his own twisted ends. Power struggles and differences in opinions eventually lead the organization to splinter into factions with the majority being recruited into the Asgard Empire. Most of the remaining members reform the Salvation Front under Phillip and Marcus Grimm's restored leadership.

A majority of the Salvation Front consists of soldiers wearing armored hooded coats and wielding swords, lances, or staves. They operate multiple bases throughout the world with operatives frequently changing locations or abandoning them altogether when they no longer serve a purpose. In Mirrage Prison, they recover the Heimdallr from the Asgard Empire and proceed to use it as their primary base and mode of transportation. In Fairy's Requiem, they establish a headquarters in Altamira where they operate a casino as a public front to help finance their operations.