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Sania Village (サニア村?) is an independent village and Illia Animi's hometown in Tales of Innocence.


Sania Village is a small desert village located in the large, southeastern desert region of Naraka's supercontinent. Located near an oasis, the village is mostly impoverished and lacks any form of technology. The people in Sania Village mostly rely on livestock, and Illia mentions horses and Muses, such as Coda, as living there. Muses dig holes in the prairie and live in them, which can be problematic for horses, as they slip into the holes and fracture their bones. To prevent this, Muses are captured so they cannot breed. They then are given small tasks to do in exchange for food and are often kept as pets.


Prior to the events of the story, Regnum scavenged the region surrounding Sania Village in search for gold, but none was found. Since the country was distracted by the beginning of the game's world war, Regnum's government withdrew development, leaving Sania Village to become a ghost town. Since there is no legislation in the village, guns are used as self-defense by the general public. Also prior to the beginning of the story, Arca invaded the village in search of Illia, who managed to escape to Regnum. However, Arca looted goods and burned down houses, with the village only managing to begin rebuilding by the time the group visits it prior to venturing to the Tower of Dawn. After the events at Sky Castle, Sian Tenebro assists in defending the city.