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Sannytown (ToR).jpg
Game Tales of Rebirth
World Calegia
Region Western Continent

Sannytown, the Aquatic City (水上都市サニイタウン Suijoutoshi Saniitaun?), sometimes rendered as Sunnytown, is a fairly large city located on Calegia's western continent in Tales of Rebirth. It, like Minal, is a self-sufficient port city with ease of access to sea travel.


Sannytown rests at the mouth of the Toyohose River and is surrounded by water on all sides due to its close proximity to the ocean. Somewhat isolated from the continent's other settlements, the city is prone to flooding from storms due to its basin location, and as such, many houses in the city are elevated to withstand these instances. The Tel Alla Highway extends from the southern part of the city and leads to the relatively close Tel Alla Hostel.



During the Sacred Beast trials, Sannytown is revealed to be the Island of Illusion, which is actually the Scared Beast of Earth, Randgriz, who roamed the oceans of Calegia, often being mistaken for an island when his back rose from the water. Randgriz's body serves as the foundation for the city, and the group meets with his incorporeal self to undergo Eugene Gallardo's trial, in which Eugene discerns that the power of one's heart prevails over one's animosity toward those of a different race.

Role in the Plot

Veigue Lungberg and his companions first travel to Sannytown in pursuit of the King's Shield. After failing to obtain a boat, the group stumbled upon a distraught woman who claims her daughter was abducted by the King's Shield and taken to the Tel Alla Hostel. After leaving, the group soon returns, having discovered that it was nothing more than a ploy by Tohma of the Four Stars to divert their attention. Upon their return, they allow the collapsed Hilda Rhambling to rest at the local inn. Not long afterward, they hear a girl scream and witness her run past them. Suddenly, Militsa of the Four Stars appears, disgusted by the group's surprise to discover she is a Half. She then attacks the group using her Force of Rainbow, subduing them while she pursues the girl. When the group manages to find Militsa, they are forced into a battle with her clones she fashioned using her Force. It is not until after the fight that the group realizes they missed Milita's actual body entirely.

After Annie Barrs unveils Militsa's secret of how she creates copies of herself, the group ambushes her and forces her to retreat to the edge of the city. There, Hilda appears and informs Militsa of Tohma's deception. However, Militsa disregards Hilda's words and expresses that the King's Shield is the only place where Halfs can be welcomed. The group then fights Militsa, in a battlefield engulfed in walls of light that was created by her Force, and defeats her, prompting her to withdraw without revealing the motive behind her actions, as she states she was merely instructed to capture Huma women. Militsa makes it clear that she is unaware of the circumstances behind the mass kidnapping, as well as that she is better off not knowing its purpose. After these events and having nowhere else to go, Hilda joins the group.