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Schwartz (ToL).png
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Residences Cradle of Time
Age 22 (physically)
Height 5'9" / 175 cm
Race Goddess
Weapon Battle Axe
Japanese Voice Actor Ayako Kawasumi
Character Designer Kazuto Nakazawa

Schwartz (シュヴァルツ Shuvarutsu?) is the primary antagonist of the Character Quests portion of Tales of Legendia.


Mysterious Maiden

Schwartz first appears during the introduction chapter of the Character Quest portion of the story. She appears before Grune after the events at Lumen Spring. During most of the other chapters, she appears to try to convince most of the protagonists to give up or do the wrong things. Schwartz does not make direct interaction with Senel Coolidge and his party until the events of Grune's Character Quest.


Schwartz first makes direct interaction with the party at the end of Jay's character quest at Mirage Palace. There she attacks Grune and knocks her unconscious. Later, when the party tries to get answers out of her, Schwartz summons negative energy to paralyze everyone. Schwartz then reveals that her plan is to return the world to nothingness, and tries to destroy Senel and his friends with the Black Mist. She is stopped when the party uses Sacred Eres to block the attack and fend her off. Schwartz creates a dark version of Vaclav Bolud to keep Senel busy while she battles Grune at the Wings of Light. The party arrives and Schwartz paralyzes them again, but thanks to Grune regaining her memories, her hold is lifted. Schwartz then attacks the party and battles them, but she is unable to be defeated. Schwartz disappears and heads to the Cradle of Time.

Final Battle

Artwork for Tales of Link.

After Grune regains her memory, Schwartz's motives are revealed to be the wish of Nerifes; to save people from their suffering. Grune tells them that this can interpreted in other ways, which is why Schwartz sees bringing death to everything as a way to free humanity from suffering. Schwartz during this time waits within the Cradle of Time and rests in preparation to play the "Melody of the End", a ritual to destroy everything and return it to nothingness. By doing so, Schwartz shall remake the world to be as if it never existed. In the Cradle of Time, Schwartz brings most of the past enemies defeated by the party back to life and creates "Dark" versions of Senel and Shirley Fennes.

When confronted by the party, Schwartz begins to speak to the party on why they are they trying to save their world. The party begins to explain their reasons, but Schwartz views their reasons as non-sensible. Schwartz tells the party that she will be the planet's savior and unleashes the Black Mist throughout the entire Legacy. She begins another attack which is poised to kill the party, but the party begins using the Super Sacred Eres to help Grune and Schwartz's blast of power is destroyed. Schwartz then tells the party she will return the world to the Void. This begins the final battle.

After her defeat, Schwartz's mask is severed in half and falls down while revealing her face to be exactly the same as Grune. Finally she reveals that Grune and Schwartz are one and the same: polar opposites of each other. Just as Schwartz is the "Guide of Nothingness", Grune is the "Weaver of Time". Just as Schwartz cuts the threads of time, Grune weaves it together. Schwartz begins to disappear and warns the party she is born from the deeds of humanity and she will return. Schwartz then disappears into a storm of black feathers.

Appearance and Personality

Schwartz is a powerful woman donned in black who does not show any sign of emotion and views destruction as the only solution to her mission. She has pale skin and long, pale-blue hair that is fastened at the top of her head and again as it trails down to her lower back, splitting at the end. She wears a delicate black and purple mask over her eyes, revealing only her red lips to others. Beneath her mask, however, Schwartz bears an identical resemblance to Grune, her polar opposite. Schwartz's attire consists of a jeweled, black-feathered collar and a long, black dress with a dull, maroon-colored interior. The collars of her mournful dress reveal a green inner collar and purple gloves, and she wears long, black heeled boots that venture up to her thighs.

Fighting Style

Game model in Tales of Legendia.

When confronted by the player's party, Schwartz casts the Crystal Eres Demon Lance, Ray, Absolute, and Eruption, among others, all of which are available to Grune, indicating that the two possibly share the same list of Eres, though she also has access to Norma Beatty's ultimate spells, Ancient Nova and Meteor Storm, despite apparently not knowing Grune's Judgment. She is also capable of using the two Iron Eres, Melody of Life and Spiral of Life, making her competent in melee combat, in contrast to Grune's lack of the same abilities. Schwartz is very active in melee range, capable of performing many complex combos while moving quickly across the battle field, often targeting the spell casters in the party. Her most devastating attack is Nihil Solo, which attacks all the characters in front of her with a blast of dark aura.



  • Schwartz is a somewhat common surname resembling the German schwarz, meaning "black". In contrast, Grune is similar to grune, the feminine version of the German word for "green".
  • Schwartz is a hidden playable character in Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave, unlocked once the player has obtained a gold medal in every "Free Mode" stage.