The Score (預言スコア Yogen / "Sukoa"?, "Prophecy" / "Score"), also known as Yulia's Score or the Planetary Score, is a prophecy developed by Yulia Jue shortly after the success of the Float Project, a last-ditch effort in order to save the world from being swallowed up by poisonous miasma and liquefaction. The Score is a prophecy that foretold the next 2,000 years of the history and, in the end, promised to bring prosperity to the world. Because of this, the world at large has begun following the Score religiously, even forming a church called the Order of Lorelei, to regularly read the Score to the masses.


Although there are many different types of Scores, the most accurate and easiest to understand is the one written by Yulia. Yulia's Score was so precise that it has never been proven wrong, and it promises prosperity at the end. Because of this, it is faithfully upheld by the Order of Lorelei through Yulia's teachings. The inhabitants of Auldrant are heavily reliant on the Score to direct their lives and decisions. Since a Scorer, a cleric from the Order who read the Score, can predict the fortunes and misfortunes of humanity and individuals, it was divided into two parts: the Open Score and Closed Score.

The Open Score is read to the masses, focusing on predictions of fortune and happiness. The Closed Score predicts casualties, deaths and terrible events such as the destruction of the cities of Hod, Feres, and Akzeriuth, and the war on the Rugnican Plains. Only those of the Maestro rank within the Order, such as Fon Master Ion, Grand Maestro Mohs, Dorian General Van Grants, and Teodoro Grants, know and deal with the situations foretold in the Closed Score. Any low ranking member who uncovers their secrets is punished with death, as was done to Legretta's brother, Marcel Oslo. Another kind of Score is the Planetary Score, which records the entire life of the planet and which contains the Score of all seven fonstones. The only one who can read it is the Fon Master, since reading it places a tremendous burden on the reader. In the story, Mohs forces Ion to read, therefore consuming the Seven Fonons that bound his replica body and, in the process, causes Ion's death.

In truth, the Score is merely the memory of the planet. The Score, as dictated to Yulia by Lorelei, is written in seven parts on objects known as fonstones. Because of the length of the Score, each of the seven fonstones are as large as a mountain. Eventually the stones broke apart and were send to space using the Planetary Storm, thereby forming the fon belt in Auldrant's sky, with the occasional piece falling back to the earth. At the time in which the game takes place, all but one of the fonstones have been found and read, and the one that remains unknown is the seventh one. The reason why the seventh one is nowhere to be found is because it has been secretly protected by the noble Fende family, Yulia Jue's descendants, on the island of Hod. However, with the destruction of Hod, the seventh fonstone fell into the Qliphoth and ultimately reached the core of the planet.

Since the true location of the seventh fonstone is unknown, many groups have been searching for it, and the Grand Maestro Mohs issued an order to Tear Grants to do the same. However, it is later revealed that the seventh fonstone does not actually promise prosperity as originally believed. Instead, it actually predicts the destruction of Auldrant and the demise of humankind. The Fende family wishes that humanity overturn the Score that Yulia dictated. This revelation, in addition to humankind's dependence on the Score, motivated Van Grants into rejecting the Score and striving to destroy it. To this end, he intended to replace the entire world with replicated people, creatures, and landscape in order to escape the "Score of Final Judgement" by ensuring that the Score is fulfilled while creating a new world on top of the old, using the forbidden science of fomicry to create deviations from the Score.


The following is a list of a few of the Score's predictions:

Year Prediction
N.D. 2000 In Kimlasca shall be born one who inherits the power of Lorelei. He will be a boy of royal blood with hair of red. He shall be called the Light of the Sacred Flame. And he will lead Kimlasca-Lanvaldear to new prosperity.
N.D. 2002 The One Who Would Seize Glory shall destroy the land upon which he was born. A land by the name of Hod. War shall thereafter persist between Kimlasca and Malkuth for a full cycle of seasons.
N.D. 2018 The young scion of Lorelei's power shall bring his people to the miner's city. There, the youth will turn power to calamity and be as a weapon of Kimlasca, destroying himself and the city. Thereafter, the land of Rugnica will be enveloped in war, and Malkuth shall lose territory. Kimlasca-Lanvaldear shall thrive, and this shall lead to unprecedented prosperity.
Unknown ...Which will ultimately lead to the downfall of Auldrant.
N.D. 2019 The forces of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear shall march northward, through the Rugnica Plains. After inflicting atrocities upon the villages in their wake, the army shall surround the fortress capital. Within a fortnight, the city shall fall. The Kimlascan army will stain the Malkuth throne with the blood of its last emperor. Their howls of victory shall resound throughout the land.
N.D. 2020 A mountain of corpses shall bury the fortress capital. Death and diseases shall envelope the city. The plague born thence shall become a new poison unto humanity, killing all within its reach. Its spread shall mark the true end of Malkuth. Kimlasca shall enjoy decades of prosperity as the plague of Malkuth grows. Ultimately, the plague will be brought into the Kimlascan kingdom by a single man. The light of the sacred flame shall approach a Kimlascan city of fon machines, seeking a way to purify the taint. There, salvation shall be found through the use of a forbidden power.
Unknown ...Thus shall Auldrant be destroyed by the miasma and turned to dust. This is the end of Auldrant.

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