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Seaville (ToH-R).jpg
Game Tales of Hearts
World Organica
Country Maximus Empire
Region Pendeloque
Ruler Empress Paraiba Tourmaline

Seaville, the Peaceful Fishing Village (静かな漁村シーブル Shizukana Gyoson Shiiburu?) is a small town in Tales of Hearts. It is the hometown of the protagonist Kor Meteor and his grandfather, Sydan Meteor.


Seaville is a quiet village positioned on Pendeloque's northernmost shore, near the Seaville Woods. With ocean on its right and forest on its left, the only passage into the peaceful town is through its southern entrance, which leads to the larger town of Cynos. Despite being a fishing village, Seaville yields no port, and most residents earn simple, honest livings rather than merchant and establish trade.


Having just returned from training in the Seaville Woods, Kor and Sydan enjoy a nice meal before Sydan leaves to aid a young girl suffering from despir. Sydan forces Kor to remain at home, resulting in him finding an unconscious Kohaku Hearts on the beach near his home. Despite an honest attempt at resuscitating Kohaku, she awakens just in time to mistake his aid for a perverted act, attacking him to fend herself. After the incident, she asks where she can find Sydan, and Kor informs her that Sydan is his grandfather, leading her to their home but failing to mention his absence.

Kohaku claims to require the power of a Soma, so Kor leads her to the one at his mother's grave in the Seaville Woods. When the two return, now accompanied by Kohaku's brother, Hisui Hearts, and Sydan, who is quickly dying due to a powerful attack by Incarose, Kor resolves to Spiria Link with a wounded Kohaku. At the end of her Spiria Maze, he finds an emerald-haired woman who shatters Kohaku's Spiria Core, sending shards all over the planet and setting the game's plot into motion. Sydan dies, so Kor joins Hisui and the now-emotionless Kohaku in a journey to restore her to her former self.