Seifer (ToV).jpg
Game Tales of Vesperia
Race Human
Occupation Member of Siren's Fang
Weapon Sword, Pistol
Japanese Voice Actor Shinpachi Tsuji

Seifer (サイファー Saifaa?) is a supporting character exclusive to the PlayStation 3 port of Tales of Vesperia, integrated in as part of Patty Fleur's backstory.


Seifer, along with Patty, is part of the Siren's Fang (海精セイレーンキバ Kaisei no Kiba / "Seiren no Kiba"?, "Fang of the Sea's Essence") pirate guild led by Aifread. The guild disbanded after the "Black Hope" incident, in which the crew were turned into monsters due to Alexei Dinoia's actions. Seifer survived the incident and gradually turned into a monster thereafter, but prior to his transformation, he delivered Aifread, who reverted to a child due to the incident, to land, while he himself fled to the sea to die. By the events of the story, he has fully transformed into a monster and is fought by the protagonists.

The truth behind the Black Hope incident is shrouded in myth. In the story, Patty is revealed to be Aifread at some point, but most believe Seifer to be Aifread. The incident, a direct result of Alexei's experiments, forced Seifer to kill the crew, spurring the rumor that Aifread slaughtered the members of his own guild and innocent people aboard in a drastic betrayal. In order to save his captain's life Seifer gave Aifread the Amrita which turned her into a child. At the beginning of the story, she is searching for a treasure she believes Aifread hid in an attempt to regain her memories.

Summon Friends symbol in Tales of Vesperia.

Patty eventually recovers her memories in the Lenansla Cavern, where Seifer buried the guild members of Siren's Fang. She later finds the Maris Stella (麗しの星マリス・ステラ Uruwashi no Hoshi / "Marisu Sutera"?) in Zaude and uses it at Capua Nor to call the Atherum ghost ship, where the group faces the monstrous Seifer, now a skeletal creature wielding an anchor-shaped sword. After the battle, Patty decides to kill Siefer so that he may finally know peace and continues traveling with the group, now fully dedicated to their mission.

Appearance and Personality

Seifer was a kind-hearted man, his only worry about Aifread losing her memories was that she would be lonely, with the mind of a steel trap. Patty states that he was no stranger to battle and was extremely talented. He was extremely close to Aifread, being the one she trusted most in the world.


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