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Seinegald (ToD).png
Game Tales of Destiny
Tales of Destiny 2
World Er'ther Lands
Region Northern Hemisphere
Capital Darilsheid
Ruler King Seinegald

The Kingdom of Seinegald (セインガルド王国 Seingarudo Oukoku?) is a region of the Er'ther Lands in Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny 2. One of the world's two major powers, Seinegald occupies the northern half of the planet's central continent, sharing the landmass with the equally powerful kingdom of Phandaria.


Seinegald is a region adorned in lush greenery and quiescent coasts. With roads that wind through its mountains and valleys, the region is travel-friendly and home to a number of small, peaceful villages. Seinegald is split in half by a river that pours into the ocean on both sides of the continent, so bridges compensate for travel. The region's capital, Darilsheid, rests along this river and borders the continent's expansive bay that houses vacant islands on all sides.

Settlements apart from the capital include Harmentz, which sits in the southwestern portion of the region; Armeida, which sits on the northern half of the region; and Cresta, which is nestled near the bay area of the region's eastern side. The northern half of the continent yields Straylize Forest, which leads to the largest Straylize Temple in the world, positioned on a waterfall that draws from a lake and spills into Seinegald's eastern bay. The Oberon Corporation's secret factory, Libra IV, can be found on an isolated island near the ocean. In Tales of Destiny 2, Harmentz is replaced with a valley, and Straylize Forest is fashioned into the large religious city of Aigrette, which becomes the capital and port of the region following Darilsheid's destruction in Tales of Destiny. In addition, the Laguna Ruins near Cresta play an integral role in the sequel's plot.


  • Darilsheid - The capital of the Seinegald region. It is a large city yielding the kingdom's castle, village-inspired streets, and a port.
  • Harmentz - A small town with few attractions other than a mansion to the north.
  • Armeida - Another small town holding no plot relevance and few sub-plot events.
  • Cresta - A medium-sized town in a scenic location, offering a few shops and a nun-operated orphanage.
  • Aigrette - The religious capital constructed between the events of Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny 2. After the destruction of nearby towns, many people seek refuge in the holy city.


Seinegald is an extremely powerful and influential monarchy that is home to the Lens-manufacturing Oberon Corporation. The president of this company, Hugo Gilchrist, serves as an adviser to the 43-year-old King Seinegald (国王セインガルド Kokuou Seingarudo?), who rules over the region. The king's wife is named Margrid (マルグリッド Maruguriddo?). In addition to the royal family, there are seven generals who command the kingdom's army. Through Oberon, Seinegald has extended branches into Calvalese and Fitzgald, the latter of which is heavily influenced by Seinegald, as Oberon invested greatly in the Fitzgaldian capital of Neuestadt. In spite of Seinegald's relatively friendly relationship with the bordering Phandaria, the two kingdoms have occasionally been involved in conflicts, and Seinegald has a particularly poor relationship with Aquaveil, a country opposed to the western ideologies that Seinegald project.

The region's capital, Darilsheid, a sprawling metropolis, yields the kingdom's impressive castle and serves as the headquarters of Oberon. Seinegald's technology is the most advanced in the world, and the country possesses the only Flying Dragon, a relic of the Aeth'er Wars era. Furthermore, the kingdom is heavily religious, performing many missionary trips through its extravagant Straylize Temple, which houses the powerful Eye of Atamoni, another relic of the past. The Swordians Dymlos, Atwight, and Chaltier belong to Seinegald, though Chaltier was stolen from Aquaveil prior to the events of Tales of Destiny. In Tales of Destiny 2, the kingdom of Seinegald seems to have ceased to exist, as its capital is reduced to ruins, though people still living there.