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Seiryuu Houtenretsu (聖龍崩天烈?, "Saint Dragon Crumble Heaven Violence") is a mystic arte used by Hermana Larmo from Tales of Innocence.

Arte Description and History

Hermana rises and transforms into a large dragon, flying through the enemy three times from different directions. In the PlayStation Vita version of the same game, Hermana's mystic arte has been modified so that Hermana now jumps toward a magic circle and transforms into her past life, Vritra, before releasing a large fireball from her mouth, which is launched toward the enemy.


Original Titles

Fan-Translated Names

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Innocence

Japanese Quote: めっさごっついでぇ!聖龍崩天烈ー!!
Translated Quote (Absolute Zero): "It's about to get ugly... Draconic Cataclysm!"