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Sekundes (ToE PSX).jpg
Appearance Tales of Eternia
Race Greater Craymel
Occupation Greater Craymel of Time
Japanese Voice Actor Kazuhito Shiozawa
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Sekundes (ゼクンドゥス Zekundusu?) is the Greater Craymel of Time, able to be summoned through the Sekundes arte. Sekundes is opposed by Maxwell, fellow Supreme Craymel and Greater Craymel of Elemental. Sekundes is patterned with Dhaos, the primary antagonist of Tales of Phantasia, who possessed the ability to travel through time himself.


Sekundes is the Greater Craymel of Time who governs the use of Time-elemental spells and is one of the Supreme Craymels, the strongest Craymels in the world. He is the optional boss that is found in the Time and Space region of Shizel's Castle, within the Orbus Barrier. Unlike the other Greater Craymels, he willingly enters one of the party's Craymel Cage without a fight. He will challenge the party to a fight when they approach the edge of the platform a second time.

Fighting Style

When fought, Sekundes uses his fists to attack. He has ascending artes, starting with Twin Assault and ascending to Tetra Assault and Million Assault. He also has two other artes, Sekundes Corridor, which launches a blast of energy around him, and Sekundes Laser, in which he fires a beam of light across the screen capable of causing paralysis. He can also cast Wind Blade and Holy Lance. At lower levels, he can break out high-level spells like Dual the Sol, Eternity Swarm, Prismic Stars, Shining Gate, and Explosion Nova.

Sekundes (ToE).gif

Sekundes is directly based on Dhaos from Tales of Phantasia, sharing the exact same appearance, the only difference being their attire. He shares the Tetra Assault, with Twin Assault being a weaker version and Million Assault, which Dhaos himself would use in Tales of VS., being a stronger version. He also has variations of two of Dhaos's most well-known artes, Sekundes Laser and Sekundes Corridor, which are related to Dhaos's Dhaos Laser and Dhaos Blast, respectively. He also drops the "Derris Emblem", which was required in Tales of Phantasia to avoid some of Dhaos's traps.

What definitively seals Sekundes as being based off of Dhaos, however, is the optional scene which Meredy or Keele Zeibel when they cast Indignation after Sekundes reaches a certain HP threshold. Rather than a simple spell, it will be extended into a full-line chant complete with cut-in of the Craymel Mage, instantly defeating Sekundes. It is a direct homage to the opening of Tales of Phantasia, in which Indignation is used to defeat Dhaos, with almost the exact same chant being used. In addition, Sekundes will respond to the spell in precisely the same way that Dhaos did, first questioning what the heroes are doing, and then incredulously declaring it impossible just before the lightning falls.


Sekundes (ToE PSP).png
  • Sekundes derives from the Swedish sekunder, meaning "second".
  • Sekundes's battle theme, "Time Battle", is based on Dhaos's battle theme "Decisive". The only difference is that the first part of the theme was omitted and the music is slower. Drums and some musical effects were also added to make it unique. Sekundes is also the only Craymel to have his own battle theme.
  • When Sekundes uses some Maxwell extension spells in the Japanese version, he says "Tetra Spell" instead of the arte's name. This is because he is only using the voice files of Dhaos from the PlayStation version of Tales of Phantasia.
  • In early drafts of Tales of Xillia 2, Sekundes attempted to create the parallel worlds that appear to the game's main character as dreams that become real. The reason behind his actions was that the spirit Origin could not be revived anymore due to Jude Mathis's spyrite development. In the final draft of the game, the idea was changed a bit, and Sekundes was replaced with Chronos. In the Japanese release of Tales of Xillia 2, there is a nod to this original story: Chronos has access to the mystic arte Time Craymel. In the English localization, this reference is lost due to the move's localized name, Chrono Erosion.
  • Alternately, some of his later aesthetic cues and appearances hearken to the major antagonist Dio Brando of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, who was able to stop time with his Stand power, The World.