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Selena Crowe
Appearance Tales of Rebirth
Hometown Petnadjanka
Age 21
Race Huma
Occupation Factory Worker
Japanese Voice Actor Kae Araki

Selena Crowe (セレーナ・クロウ Sereena Kurou?) is a minor supporting character and Tytree Crowe's older sister in Tales of Rebirth.


Abduction in Petnadjanka

When the protagonists first arrive in Petnadjanka, they find the city eerily quiet and investigate in front of the local factory, where they find the factory's workers outside, explaining the recent events. They claim that soldiers had taken over the city, gathered Huma girls, and locked themselves in the factory with the girls. One man tells the group that Tytree and the factory's manager went inside to negotiate, allowing some of the Huma girls to be let free, but those two and Tytree's older sister, Selena, were still inside. Suddenly, the factory manager emerges from the factory in hysterics, forcing Annie Barrs to calm him using her Force of Rain. The manager explains how the soldiers decided to take Selena since she was deemed the most beautiful of the Huma girls, and afterward, overgrowth began enveloping the factory, forcing him to flee.

Saleh and Tohma of the Four Stars then emerge from the factory, and Saleh takes the liberty of proving the factory manager's story wrong by claiming he offered Selena in exchange for his own daughter's safety. Saleh then makes it clear to the manager that he never had any intention of taking his daughter because she simply is not beautiful. As Saleh and Tohma leave, Saleh uses his Force of Storm to ease their escape, and Selena beckons for the group to stop Tytree and his strange, uncontrollable power before it hurts someone. After the group rescues Tytree by subduing him in battle, thereby calming his Force, Tytree joins them in pursuit of the King's Shield, knowing they now share the same goal. The factory manager apologizes to Tyree before he leaves, letting his boss know that he will be taking time off to rescue his sister.

Rescue and Tytree's Trial

Selena is soon shown again during a portion of the story dedicated to Claire Bennett's ventures called "Claire Side". In this scene, they are being held captive in the shrine at Babilograd. The group eventually catches up to Walto and Militsa of the Four Stars at Babilograd Harbor, Selena among the group of Huma girls with them. Walto used his Force of Sound to manipulate the girls' will into cooperating, making it useless for any of them to run. Walto threatens the group with the girls' safety, though Selena beckons for Tytree to fight. Knowing he cannot allow the girls to be harmed, Walto has Militsa create a private battlefield using her Force of Rainbow, and the group engages the two in combat, winning.

After the battle, Milhaust Selkirk, commander-in-chief of the Calegian national forces, appears and demands to know why Walto and Militsa are involving civilians in the disturbance. In spite of Walto's defense, he and Militsa are forced to withdraw, freeing Selena and the other Huma girls in the group. When the group inquires about Claire, Selena explains how she was taken away just days before. Selena then decides to return home and agrees that Tytree should continue his journey for both Claire and his new companions' sake. When Veigue Lungberg and Annie later return to Petnadjanka to recruit Tytree, they are accompanied by "Claire", who is actually Agarte Lindblum occupying Claire's body. Selena is glad to see "Claire" again but finds her uncomfortable behavior strange, though nothing is said. Rather, Tytree decides to leave with the group, and Selena wishes him farewell, informing him that she will notify their boss of his leave. Although Selena does not appear physically during Tytree's trial with the Sacred Beast Eephon, a manifestation of her appears in a number of Tytree's hallucinations during the trial.

In the hallucination, Tytree is back in Petnadjanka, and Selena recruits him for a patrol, which confuses him. Inside the factory, Tytree witnesses all the Huma patrolling the Gajuma while they work, and he spots the factory manager whipping a Gajuma man, which prompts Tytree to confront him. The manifestation of the factory manager informs Tytree that he was merely punishing the lazy Gajuma for not fulfilling his duties, arguing that since Gajuma do not have brain power, they must rely upon their physical power. Selena supports these notions, which shocks and disgusts Tytree. After saving the Gajuma man, Tytree is met with hostility and a vow of revenge, which reveals itself in the following hallucination, where the Gajuma workers cause a riot.

During the riot, Selena is killed because she was a Huma, and Tytree finds her dead in their home, which allows the hallucination to deepen. Selena then appears before Tytree amid the dark recesses of his mind and asks if he shall seek revenge for her death, reminding him that it was the Gajuma who killed her. She offers him a light that will change all Gajuma into Huma if he should grasp it in his hands, eliminating the notion of race and ending such discrimination. However, Tytree rejects the light, citing the meaninglessness of sacrificing race and lineage in order to vanquish something that derives from the heart. Selena asks how Huma and Gajuma can be considered the same, and Tytree states that it is through their feelings, ending the hallucination.

Overcoming the Impression

Later in the story, during a portion of the story dedicated to Agarte's ventures called "Agarte Side", she travels to Petnadjanka, albeit in Claire's body, and notices the effects of the "impression", which has intensified racial hatred between Huma and Gajuma. In the factory, Selena informs her that the Gajuma workers have locked themselves inside a room, claiming to be mistreated by the Huma. Agarte decides to operate the machinery in the factory, producing an immense amount of heat to bring the Gajuma workers out, but this proves nearly disastrous as everyone in the factory begins to overheat. The Gajuma workers emerge from the room in panic and are forced to assist the Huma workers in deactivating the machines. Although everyone is frustrated with "Claire" after the ordeal, she explains how everyone was saved due to the joint efforts of the two races. Selena comes to her senses and thanks "Claire" for helping her resolve the situation. Near the end of the story, Selena is shown a final time in Petnadjanka's factory, where the Huma and Gajuma workers are combining their forces to defeat Viruses attacking the city.