Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Hometown Northmine
Race Human
Occupation Count
Japanese Voice Actor Ikuya Sawaki

Senegal (セネガル Senegaru?) in a Northmine count and a minor antagonist in Tales of Crestoria.


Senegal is a noble in Northmine determined to end their dispute with Southvein once and for all. Under the pretext of peace, he manipulates Luke fon Fabre into slaying the Hegemon who regulated the flow of mana in the area. Its death destabilized the region, causing a landslide that destroys Southvein. With a contingent of soldiers, he approaches the survivors who had fled to a church on the outskirts and rescues Luke, who revealed his role in Southvein's destruction and was being confronted by the residents. Once Luke is safe, Senegal orders his soldiers to slaughter the remaining survivors down the last person. He then lies to the vision orb, manipulating the footage to show the Southvein villagers confronting Luke but hiding his role in Southvein's destruction and then using it as justification to slaughter them. Senegal's story tricks the viewers of the vision orb, absolving Luke of his "transgression."

Senegal's brazen lies and actions earn the disgust of the group who were with Luke at the massacre: Asbel Lhant, Jade Curtiss and the transgressors Vicious, Kanata Hjuger, Misella and Aegis Alver. Senegal tries to get Luke to help him, but Luke yells back in rage for what the former did to him. Senegal uses the vision orb to summon the enforcers to kill the transgressors, but to no avail. Vicious swiftly ends Senegal's life with one shot.