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Sensus (センサス Sensasu?) was a region in Devaloka during the past of Tales of Innocence. Although never specifically stated to be a country, Sensus did have a government and operated as a nation, having fought with the opposing Ratio in an ancient, unnamed war. The term is primarily used in regard to the army or group of people who were led by Asura and fought against Ratio.


Because of Devaloka's imbalance after its split from Naraka, the people of Ratio began reaping souls from Naraka in order to maintain Devaloka, as blessings were not enough. Sensus, however, sought to reunite the two worlds so that balance would be restored. Asura, general of the Sensus army, killed Hypnos, Ratio's general, and won the war with the support of Inanna, Durandal, Orifiel, Vritra, and Sakuya. He then obtained the Manifest from its guardian, Cerberus, and prepared to use it to reunite Devaloka with Naraka before being betrayed and stabbed by Inanna, leaving the world unification unfinished. Despite loving Asura, Inanna held with Ratio's belief in not having Narakians return to Devaloka. Asura then broke Durandal, which Inanna had used to stab him, and stabbed her in return, killing her before dying himself. This event led to the end of both Sensus and Ratio, as all Devalokians began to die afterward, ceasing to exist altogether years later.

The most notable allies of Sensus were Asura and his closest companions. Inanna, originally of Ratio, revealed during her betrayal of Asura that she favors their beliefs over Sensus's. Likewise, Durandal originally belonged to Ratio and was given to Inanna by Ratio's elders, but she later gave the sword to Asura. Orifiel had met with Asura on the battlefield multiple times and eventually formed an alliance with him because he believed in the unification of Devaloka and Naraka. He also worked with Sensus in an attempt to rescue his beloved student, Himmel, who was being detained by Ratio for his beliefs. When Sensus won the war, Ratio executed Himmel. Vritra served as Asura's dragon companion, while Sakuya, who was in love with Asura, served as his attendant. Maou, Asura's other self, was the masked leader of Sensus who never revealed his identity as Asura.

List of Sensus Members


  • Sensus is a Latin word that translates to "feeling" or "sensation".


  1. It is not revealed until later in the story that Inanna betrayed Asura for the sake of Ratio.
  2. Durandal was sent to Ratio and given to Inanna, who gave it to Asura.
  3. Orifiel was originally part of Ratio and later sided with Sensus.
  4. Maou was actually Asura, who had a split personality. As Maou, he served as the ruler of Sensus, while as Asura, he served as general of Sensus's army.