Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Berseria
Age •10 (chronologically)
•20 (physically)
Height 170 cm
Race Malak
Weapon Amulet
Japanese Voice Actor Satomi Arai
English Voice Actor Monica Rial[1]

Seres (シアリーズ Shiariizu?) is a malak woman with power over fire in Tales of Berseria. She is Artorius Collbrande's subordinate who began to question his motives after the incident from three years ago, when she started to regain her mind. She sneaks into the prison island Titania in order to free Velvet Crowe.


Ten years prior to the beginning of the story, pregnant with Arthur's child, Celica Crowe fell into the shrine at the cape of Aball during a Scarlet Night which would become known as the Opening. Both Celica and her unborn child were reborn as malakhim, but had their memories suppressed. Seven years later, on the next Scarlet Night, later known as the Advent, Celica's malak, Seres, regains her memories when she watches Arthur, now known as Artorius, betray her younger sister, Velvet and throw her in Titania. For three years, Seres watches as the Arthur she loved slowly fade away as Artorius's Abbey gain control over Desolation and plan to suppress all emotions as a means to permanently end the malevolence. Eventually, this goes so far as to use Seres's own life. Artorius and Melchior Mayvin bind Seres's life to an oath to recreate the Sorcerer's Ring as a means to develop the armatus, an arte to which they plan to use to control Innominat. Tormented by the memories of her past life, Seres takes it upon herself to free Velvet so she can kill Artorius. Before leaving, Seres goes to see the unborn child of Celica, now named Number Two. Knowing that is not a real name, Seres tells the boy of her plan before asking her son to forgive her for not being able to protect him.

Seres sneaks into Titania intending to rescue Velvet. Initially, Velvet attacks the malak woman, but soon afterward, the two partner up and cooperate during the escape. However, they are confronted by Oscar Dragonia, who finds a malak with free will questionable. During the fight, Oscar turns one of his malakhim into a Drake that quickly goes in to attack Velvet, only for Seres to take the hit. Critically wounded, Seres begs Velvet to devour her so she can use the strength of the Sorcerer's Ring to fight back.

Appearance and Personality

Artwork for Tales of Asteria.

Seres has red hair with white tips at the end of four longer bangs tied into a bun atop her head and wears a black, butterfly-shaped hairpin with gold outlines, as well as a black and gold mask shaped after a butterfly that conceals her brown-red eyes. She wears a black underdress with a white and blue dress atop it, along with a printed red ribbon on the back of her waist, which also features twin tails of sorts themed after butterfly wings in black and blue colors, along with a white bolero with black and red accents. Her look is completed by black stockings with red accents, as well as white, low-heel shoes with more red accents. Her nails are also painted red.

Seres is full of guilt due to her past, and helplessly watching the family she loves tear itself apart. Due to this, Seres prefers her son to stay emotionless as she would find it difficult to confront him with her hypocrisy when she frees Velvet.

Fighting Style

Patterned after Lailah from Tales of Zestiria, albeit wielding a different weapon, the two share martial and malak artes, all Fire-elemental. While assisting with Velvet's escape from Titania, Seres has no visible status display during battles and can not be manually controlled like a standard party member.