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Sergei Strelka
Sergei Strelka.jpg
Appearance Tales of Zestiria
Hometown Pendrago
Height 180 cm
Race Human
Occupation Captain of the Platinum Knights
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Hideyuki Hori
English Voice Actor Xander Mobus[1]

Sergei Strelka (セルゲイ・ストレルカ Serugei Sutoreruka?) is a supporting character in Tales of Zestiria. He is the captain of the Platinum Knights, a special group inside the military of Rolance. Sergei has a younger twin brother, Boris Strelka, with whom he became part of the Platinum Knights.


Sergei appears the first time in Lastonbell, where he is part of the border control since the Shepherd is searched as a criminal and supporter of Hyland. Because of this, the heroes have a problem getting inside of Lastonbell since Sorey wears the clothes of the Shepherd. With the help of the seraphim, Rose tricks Sergei into thinking that Sorey is her husband who escorts her to a canteen where she has work to do. Sergei then allows them to enter Lastonbell.

Shortly after this, Sergei searches for Sorey and Rose in the sanctuary of Lastonbell, where he challenges Sorey to a fight because he noticed there does not exist a canteen of the name Rose gave him. Sorey defeats Sergei, who asks him afterward to help him reveal that the cardinal Forton has something to do with the disappearance of the Pope, Masedra. For this, he asks Sorey and Rose to meet him in Pendrago. There, Sergei and some of his knights fight against a man who is a supporter of the cardinal. In fact, this man is a hellion and is able to flee from the Platinum Knights to the Pendrago Shrinechurch. After this incident, Sergei invites Sorey and Rose, as well as the seraphim whom he cannot see, to the base of the Platinum Knights. There, he explains that he received permission to allow Sorey and Rose to enter the Shrinechurch. Here is the first mention of his brother, who was lost after he investigated clues about the Pope and cardinal.

Later in the story, Sergei appears in the second fight between Hyland and Rolance in the Glaivend Basin when Tiamat appears, a giant dragon who is fought by Sorey, Rose, and the seraphim. Together with Alisha Diphda and the army of Hyland, as well Lucas and his men, Sergei serves as a support for Sorey and Rose in the fight against Tiamat, who is defeated. After this, Sergei becomes an important part of the peace negotiations between Hyland and Rolance.

Appearance and Personality

Opening still from Tales of Zestiria.

Sergei is a large man with short brown hair and a beard, wearing heavy armor in silver and red, which is part of the Platinum Knights. There is a silver-colored, wing-like piece of metal protruding from his armor on the right shoulder. Personality-wise, Sergei is a very respectful man who believes in the seraphim despite not having enough resonance to see them. He deeply cares for the people of Rolance and wants to save them instead of fighting aimlessly.

Fighting Style

Combat-wise, Sergei knows the fighting style of the Platinum Knights, which includes the special arte Lion's Howl, a move also known by Georg Heldalf, the ex-general of the Platinum Knights. In battle, Sergei fights with a single sword and uses melee artes such as Sonic Thrust and Dragon Swarm.


  • Sergei trained his senses so much that he can defend himself from attacks by seraphim, though he cannot feel, hear, or see them.


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