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Seven Generals of Seinegald
Game Tales of Destiny
Leader Gustav Dryden
Headquarters Darilsheid

The Seven Generals of Seinegald (セインガルド七将軍 Seingarudo Shichishougun?), also known as the Seven Generals of Darilsheid (ダリルシェイドの七将軍 Darirusheido no Shichishougun?) or the Seven Generals (七将軍 Shichishougun?), are the seven generals in command of Seinegald's army in Tales of Destiny, whose headquarters lie in the capital Darilsheid. They hold great popularity in the kingdom but are often overshadowed by Leon Magnus.


  • Gustav Dryden (グスタフ・ドライデン Gusutafu Doraiden?) - The leader of the Seven Generals and the highest commander in the kingdom. A strict soldier, he incites fear in his subordinates but is popular due to his love for the kingdom's people. He held great expectations for Leon and intended to transfer him to the Seven Generals. He is voiced by Kazuo Oka in the PS2 version.
  • Finley Doug (フィンレイ・ダグ Finrei Dagu?) - The founder of the Seven Guards who has remained undefeated all his life, earning him the title of "Demon" (鬼神 Kishin?). In the original PlayStation version of the game, he is the king's son-in-law and is assassinated by Hugo Gilchrist, who had lost his influence in the kingdom. In the PlayStation 2 remake of the game, the king has no children, and rather than being adopted, he is asked to succeed the royal family. In addition, Finley can be fought in the Arcana Ruins, adopting the moveset and fighting style of Veigue Lungberg from Tales of Rebirth.
  • Nicholas Lewein (ニコラス・ルウェイン Nikorasu Ruein?, "Nicholas Lwain") - The elder of the Seven Guards, his life was saved by Thomas Aileron (トーマス・エルロン Toomasu Eruron?) 26 years prior to the events of the story. He was also Thomas's love rival in a bid for Stahn and Lilith Aileron's grandmother. Due to his own pursuits in dating, he is sympathetic to his colleague Melina's feelings for Vims, and is enthusiastic about setting up dates between them.
  • Robert Leen (ロベルト・リーン Roberuto Riin?, "Robert Lean") - A ladies' man who dubs himself the "Rose Prince" (ローズプリンス Roozupurinsu?). He is a man of great stature who never changes his tone, even while in the presence of the king.
  • Ashley Doug (アシュレイ・ダグ Ashurei Dagu?) - The brother of Finley who was asked to inherit the royal family as an adopted child due to the king lacking a successor. He refused this offer because he knew that it was originally intended for and offered to Finley, an agonizing truth for him, as he suffers a complex living in his brother's shadow, and his status is ridiculed within the castle. He protects the village of Armeida when monsters attack and is thanked by the townspeople.
  • Bloom Isard (ブルーム・イスアード Buruumu Isuaado?) - The former commander of the Aquaveil guards who presents himself as a cheerful and heavy-duty man. When he confronts Karyl Sheeden, he reveals that he was from Moreau, but when Tiberius Terazzi took over, Isard went into exile to Darilsheid. When he found out that Gino Moreau, the father of Karyl's friend Fayte Moreau, had died, he was overwhelmed with regret for running away. Karyl argues that if Isard stayed behind, he might have died as well, and asks Isard to protect the city as a general, as well as visit home every once in a while, earning Karyl the "Royal Pierro" title.
  • Vims Elliot (アスクス・エリオット Asukusu Eriotto?, "Askus Elliot") - A former mercenary who provides his sword with life, a talent he discovered five years prior to the events of the story.
  • Melina Sirler (ミライナ・シルレル Miraina Shirureru?, "Miraina Sirler") - A beautiful woman from a noble family who has many male fans. She has feelings for Vims but is unable to express them properly. These feelings later become fulfilled.


  • The Seven Generals of Seinegald are the subject of a quiz question in Tales of Eternia, where the question asks who the only female general is.