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Seyfert Statue (ToE).png
Appearance Tales of Eternia
Race Deity

Seyfert (セイファート Seifato?) is the god in Tales of Eternia who created the physical worlds of Inferia and Celestia, thereby sealing Nereid's spirit world, Vatenkeist, and creating life itself. Seyfert then sealed Nereid himself in Regulus Knoll 2,000 years prior to the events of the story. Seyfert's teachings say to follow one's own beliefs, even if they mean turning against Seyfert himself.


Over time, however, Seyfert's story has become distorted. Inferian legend states that Seyfert ended a great war by sacrificing his life to defeat Nereid, becoming a heroic figure. There is the Seyfert Sanctuary dedicated to him in Inferia City, as well as the Farlos Sanctuary on Mt. Farlos, where his teachings originated. The Dark Matter is, according to the Inferian church, supposed to portend Seyfert's second coming. In Celestia, on the other hand, Nereid is said to have risen to free the oppressed, and Seyfert is rarely acknowledged. In the story, the group carries out Seyfert's will to defend the two worlds, whereas Nereid is attempting to destroy them. Seyfert grants Reid Hershel the Divine Aurora after a trial to these ends.


  • In the Melnics text within the FMV at the Seyfert Garden, Seyfert is referred to as "Saofhm". Likewise, Nereid is called "Valaod", and Vatenkeist is called "Franhofer".
  • Like many names in the game, Seyfert is derived from astronomy, specifically the Seyfert galaxy.