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Shadow Edge as it appears in Tales of Destiny 2.

Shadow Edge (シャドウエッジ Shadouejji?) is a Dark-elemental novice-tier spell in Tales series.

Arte Description and History

When used, a small portal of darkness opens on the ground, from which a purple, imbued lance fires upward, piercing the target. In Tales of Destiny 2, it can be extended into Bloody Cross, which shatters the spear and converts it into a cross of bloody energy. In Tales of Innocence R and Tales of Hearts R, the lance shoots at an angle.


Original Titles

Cross-Over Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of the Rays

Japanese Description: 闇の刃を呼び起こして敵を貫く術

User: Judas
Japanese Quote: 食らいつくせ!シャドウエッジ!

User: Harold Berselius
Japanese Quote: 痛いわよ~ シャドウエッジ!

User: Zephyr
Japanese Quote: 貫いてやる!シャドウエッジ!

User: Lazaris
Japanese Quote: 狂い咲け。シャドウエッジ!