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Shining Blue (輝ける青 Kagayakeru Ao?) is the the world in which Tales of Legendia takes place. According to Grune, the name was given to the world when the inhabitants of the planet gazed upon the beautiful blue sea when they first arrived.


The Mainland and location of the Legacy in Chapter 4.

Although it is never visited by the protagonists and is shown in very few scenes, Shining Blue possess a single, large mass of land that is simply referred to as the Mainland, half of which is revealed to have been sunk sometime after its creation by a past Merines through the use of the Wings of Light. Small islands have been shown to exist, of which the Legacy is reminiscent, though it is at least somewhat widely known that it is actually a large, continent-sized ship.

Holy Kingdom of Gadoria

The location of Gadoria on the Mainland.

The Holy Kingdom of Gadoria (聖ガドリア王国 Sei Gadoria Oukoku?), also known simply as Gadoria, is where powerful knights emerge from. The area is home to the protagonist Chloe Valens. During the events of the Main Quest, Gadoria is at war with the Crusand Empire. In Chapter 4, Vaclav Bolud fires upon the Gadorian capital of Baltoga that resides on the bottom of Mt. Zeriques with the Nerifes Cannon, but narrowly misses and destroys Mt. Zeriques instead. After the defeat of Crusand, the kingdom becomes enraged and sends proposals to the representatives of Rexalia onboard the ship, claiming that Gadoria deserves victor's right. However, the true objective of Gadoria is to monopolize the Legacy and Shirley Fennes in order to control the impressive power the ship holds. Because of this, the knights of Gadoria attack the Ferines at the Altar of the Sea, killing countless of Ferines. During the events of the Character Quests, the country pays a man named Solon to kidnap Shirley in an attempt to gain control of the Legacy.

Holy Rexalian Empire

The Holy Rexalian Empire (源聖レクサリア皇国 Gensei Rekusaria Koukoku?), also known simply as Rexalia, is one of the countries located on the Mainland. Rexalia is a monarchy located in the center of the Mainland. Its power exceeds that of all the surrounding nations, and many consider it to be the strongest in the world. The area is the home to the characters Will Raynard and Harriet Campbell. Senel Coolidge and Shirley were residents of a town that Rexalia controlled prior to their arrival on the Legacy. The country is ruled by a Holy Sovereign, who has been in hiding on the Legacy for many years under the protection of the empire's Elite Guard. Over the years, Rexalia has secretly stationed a large number of troops on the Legacy disguised as ordinary citizens, residing primarily in Werites Beacon in order to protect the residents of the city. No nations have attempted to claim dominion of the Legacy due to Rexalia's presence onboard the ship. During the events of the story, Rexalia forms an alliance with the Ferines in Chapter 4 to save Shirley and Stella Telmes from Vaclav. This is the only country that does not desire to use Shirley's powers abusively, as they state that the Legacy "belongs to no nation".

Crusand Empire

The location of Crusand on the Mainland.

The Crusand Empire (クルザンド王統国 Kuruzando Outoukoku?), also known simply as Crusand, is a powerful militaristic empire located on the southern part of the Mainland and seeks to control the world. The country is ruled by an emperor and his three sons, one being Vaclav. Over the past few years, Crusand has been steadily increasing its power by going to war with other nations. During the beginning stages of the Main Quest, Crusand is at war with Gadoria. Vaclav had trained many special soldiers and went to the Legacy in a attempt to capture the Merines and use her powers to control the ancient weapon located at the Bridge. After the country's defeat in Chapter 4, the empire is reduced to powerlessness.


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The Legacy is an immense ship serving as the setting of the story, on which a monarchy known as the Kingdom of Terises once flourished under rule of the Merines. The Kingdom of Terises is often credited as the creator of the Legacy and its many advanced technologies and powerful weapons, such as the Nerifes Cannon and Wings of Light.


The original form of the Mainland prior to the Cataclysm.

The original inhabitants of this planet are the Ferines, the "People of the Sea", who worship the entity Nerifes, the will of the sea. The second race was the Orerines, the "People of the Land", who came on the world with the use of a giant ship that would eventually become the core of the Legacy. The third race is the Oresoren, a group of highly-advanced, otter-type creatures who came to the planet with the Orerines. The Ferines once dominated Shining Blue until the Orerines arrived on a giant, island-like ship referred as the Legacy. This new race soon created land upon the surface of the world.

Because of this, hatred began to grow between the two races due to the creation of land, resulting in the deaths of many Ferines. Eventually, this hatred let to war. The Orerines won, and the Ferines were chased from the Mainland. The Merines fled onboard the Legacy, using the Wings of Light to create civilization and, subsequently, the Kingdom of Terises, in hopes of a brighter future. However, this future did not eliminate the hatred between the races. Several hundred years after the birth of a new Merines, the Ferines revived the power of the Wings of Light and used the Merines's life to eliminate a large portion of the Mainland that was created when the Orerines first arrived in an event that would be named the Cataclysm.