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Shionne Imeris
Shionne (ToA).png
Appearance Tales of Arise
Hometown Lenegis
Age 19
Height 165 cm
Race Renan
Occupation Maiden
Weapon Rifle
Japanese Voice Actor Shino Shimoji
English Voice Actor Erica Lindbeck[1]

Shionne Vymer Imeris Daymore (シオン・ヴィメル・アイメリス・ダイモ Shion Vimeru Aimerisu Daimo?), Shionne Imeris for short, is the deuteragonist of Tales of Arise. She is a Renan woman who is cursed with "thorns" (<茨>?) that shock whoever touches her.


Early life

Shionne is a descendant of Naori Imeris, the maiden from 300 years before the beginning of the game. When Naori used her powers to contain the power unleashed in a failed Spirit Channeling Ceremony, she received the thorns, that would eventually pass to Shionne. When Shionne was born, she had the thorns like all her ancestors before her. However, she is completely unaware she also has the power of the maiden.

As a child, Shionne spent all her life in isolation because of her thorns, and also as a research subject. With no friends and a desire to not hurt anyone with her thorns, she became a reclusive and emotionally awkward woman. But in reality, she longs companionship with others. During this time, Shionne had visions about her thorns destroying everything. Not wanting this to happen, she began to find a way to be rid of her thorns, even if she would have to die to do so. However, the thorns prevented her from dying from everything, except of old age, and she didn't want to wait that long.

Hunting the Lords

At nineteen-years-old, Shionne somehow learned of a possible way to rid herself from her thorns: the Renas Alma, the grand prize of the Crown Contest awarded to the Lord of Rena, who manages to collect the most astral energy from Dahna. To create Renas Alma, Shionne would need all five Master Cores to assemble it, and each Lord carried one. Shionne escaped Lenegis to Dahna, but she was declared a traitor to Rena and was captured. The Renans transported her in a train through Calaglia, when it came under attack by Calaglian resistance. They took Shionne and tried to interrogate her, but her thorns prevented any attempts at that. The mine, where she was, came under attack, and she managed to free herself, and met the Iron Mask, Alphen. While Shionne wanted to go alone, Iron Mask decided to stand with her, and unlike others, he was able to touch her without even flinching. This shocked Shionne to her very core: she had finally met someone, who can touch her physically. Shionne's master core also activates and Iron Mask pulls the Blazing Sword from it, and defeats the Renans with it, leaving him with severe burns, but no pain. Shionne then decides to partner up with him, since the Sword can give her an edge against the Lords.

With the assistance of the Crimson Crows, Shionne and Iron Mask infiltrate Lord Balspehs castle and manage to defeat him. Balsephs final blow causes Iron Masks mask to break, and he remembers his real name, Alphen. Right after, a girl from neighboring Cyslodia named Rinwell collapses at the gate to Calaglia, seeking help from the Crimson Crows. Zephyr, the leader of the Crows and Alphen offer to help her, with Shionne agreeing too, since it gives her the opportunity to defeat Ganabelt, Lord of Cyslodia. Rinwell is appalled a Renan would agree to help her, due to her own hatred towards Renans.

In Cyslodia, they encounter Zephyr's estranged son Law, who sells them out. Zephyr is captured and Law instantly regrets it and everyone witness Ganabelt executing Zephyr. Even Shionne is furious about this, and all four assault Ganabelt's tower and defeat him, liberating Cyslodia. Together, the four companions travel to Elde Menancia to challenge the next Lord.

Inside the palace of Viscint, the four meet with Lord Dohalim, who claims has no interest in the Crown Contest, as he is seeking to unite both Dahnans and Renans in harmony. Shionne refuses to believe him, and tries to attack him, but Dohalim stops her attack effortlessly, and Alphen jumps in between, shocking Shionne even further. Dohalim invites them to dinner, where he explains himself, and asks that they leave Menancia in peace.

The four are approached by Migal, leader of Menancian resistance, who claims a conspiracy is happening under Dohalim's nose. Kisara, Migal's sister tries to arrest him, but Migal manages to convince all five of them to come with him to prove his claims. The following night, Shionne is alone thinking, when Alphen approaches her. Conflicted about her recent experiences and that there are people around her helping her despite her thorns, she asks Alphen why did he put himself between her and Dohalim. Alphen first says they are partners, but he then says the biggest reason is she couldn't let her die. Shionne tries to touch Alphen, but is interrupted.

Appearance and Personality

Shionne has long strawberry blonde hair that she keeps in a ponytail and blue eyes. She wears several outfits during her journey with Alphen. Her initial outfit consists of a sleeveless white dress and white heels. Shionne's second, more combat-style outfit includes a white dress that reveals her legs in front, but covers them in the back with white lace sleeves and leggings, while wearing metal heels. She also wears bronze pauldrons on her arms, a bronze chestpiece, a black choker, and a black garter with bullets in it on her left leg. This looks is completed with a red, spiky tiara.

Shionne is a headstrong woman who aims to overthrow the five Renan lords of Dahna. Despite these goals, Shionne initially cares little for the plight of the Dahnans, viewing them as nothing more than a means to an end and treating them with much the same disdain other Renans do. Her coldness also stems in large part from her "thorns", a curse that inflicts physical harm on anyone who touches her. As a result, she has spent most of her life in isolation and has a hard time conveying her emotions. This comes from the fact, that she doesn't really want to hurt anyone.

As the story develops, Shionne opens her heart to the party members and begins to empathize genuinely with the Dahnan people. Alphen, the only party member capable of withstanding her thorns due to his inability to feel pain, eventually falls in love with her.

Fighting Style

Shionne specializes in gun-based long range strikes and astral artes, allowing her to hit enemies from a safe distance, and use healing artes on allies with low HP. As a Renan, her martial, arcane artes, and Sniper Blasts have Latin-based names, but that aspect is partially lost in the localization. If the player holds an arte button equipped with a bomb, Shionne's perk, Sniper Blast, will allow her to fire special ammo at a bomb after releasing it, making it detonate more strongly. Shionne can earn arte profiency in Gun Strike (銃撃?), Blast Strike (爆撃 Bakugeki?, "Bombing"), and Astral Arte (星霊術 Seireijutsu?, "Star Spirit Arte"). When Auto Mode is enabled, Shionne will primarily target flying and astral arte-wielding enemies, as well as foes with lower HP during combat. Despite being a Renan, she can use Light-elemental artes, mainly in form of Sniper Blasts.


  • A running gag with Shionne is her appetite. She likes food that is mostly filling, and she is able to hork it down like no other, like she can never have enough. Adding to this, she also never seems to gain any weight, always remaining slender. It's never specified, if there is an outside reason for Shionne's endless appetite.