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Shionne Imeris
Shionne (ToA).png
Appearance Tales of Arise
Hometown Lenegis
Age 19
Height 165 cm
Race Renan
Occupation Maiden
Weapon Rifle
Japanese Voice Actor Shino Shimoji
English Voice Actor Erica Lindbeck[1]

Shionne Vymer Imeris Daymore (シオン・ヴィメル・アイメリス・ダイモ Shion Vimeru Aimerisu Daimo?), Shionne Imeris for short, is one of the two main player characters of Tales of Arise. She is a Renan woman who is cursed with "thorns" (<茨>?) that shock whoever touches her.

Appearance and Personality

Shionne has long strawberry blonde hair that she keeps in a ponytail and blue eyes. She wears several outfits during her journey with Alphen. Her initial outfit consists of a sleeveless white dress and white heels. Shionne's second, more combat-style outfit includes a white dress that reveals her legs in front, but covers them in the back with white lace sleeves and leggings, while wearing metal heels. She also wears bronze pauldrons on her arms, a bronze chestpiece, a black choker, and a black garter with bullets in it on her left leg. This looks is completed with a red, spiky tiara.

Shionne is a headstrong woman who often acts cold to others. She will do in anything in her power in order to fulfill her goal and will avoid any unnecessary actions. However, this cold attitude comes from her curse of "thorns", which disables her to connect with others since people cannot touch her. Thus, she is not used to company and has a hard time to convey her emotions.

Fighting Style

Shionne specializes in gun-based long range strikes and astral artes, allowing her to hit enemies from a safe distance, and use healing artes on allies with low HP. As a Renan, her martial, arcane artes, and Sniper Blasts have Latin-based names, but that aspect is partially lost in the localization. If the player holds an arte button equipped with a bomb, Shionne's perk, Sniper Blast, will allow her to fire special ammo at a bomb after releasing it, making it detonate more strongly. When Auto Mode is enabled, Shionne will primarily target flying and astral arte-wielding enemies, as well as foes with lower HP during combat. Despite being a Renan, she can use Light-elemental artes, mainly in form of Sniper Blasts.