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Shooting Stars (TotR)

Shooting Stars as it appears in Tales of the Rays.

Shooting Stars (シューティングスター Shuutingusutaa?, "Shooting Star"), also localized as Shooting Star, is a powerful spell in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History[]

Shooting Star (ToA)

Shooting Star as it appears in Tales of Arise.

This spell first appeared in Tales of Eternia as the most powerful elemental spell that can be obtained. When activated, all enemies on the entire battlefield are hit by a barrage of energy arcs, lifting them into the air while dealing several rapid hits. This spell is especially powerful against a large group of enemies, and it can be used effectively to create long combo chains. However, due to its long casting time and relatively high TP cost, other spells might be more efficient in dealing damage to a single or small group of enemies. This spell can be accessed only if the Greater Craymels Maxwell and Sekundes are separated into different Craymel Cages, available only to the mage who has Maxwell in their possession.

Furthermore, a hidden effect is available in Tales of Eternia, which allows Arche Klein to be summoned to replace this spell's activation, if Maxwell is at MAX Vitality during battle. Once summoned, Arche can be controlled by the spellcaster for a short time, allowing her to move in any direction and use one of three elemental spells with specific button presses. Holding the Attack button will let Arche use Fire Laser towards the right side of the battlefield, while holding the Skills button will let her use Freeze Lancer towards the left side of the battlefield, and holding both lets her use Spark Wave to damage enemies close by. Arche's abilities are a direct reference to the Groovy Arche minigame within Tales of Phantasia, later developed into a cellphone-based game that is part of the Tales of Mobile series of games.

Shooting Stars is changed to an Ice-elemental spell in Tales of Legendia, during which the enemy is barraged by stars of ice. This spell ranks among the strongest high-tier spells learned by characters in the game.

In Tales of Graces ƒ, Shooting Stars is added to Richard's movelist as one of his unique spells. When activated, the entire battlefield changes to a view of outer space where shooting stars attack from far off in the distance, quickly streaking horizontally through the enemies. The stars push the targets toward Richard, who can prepare a counterattack as they come within range.

Shooting Star is one of Edna's mystic artes in Tales of Zestiria, in which she fires a barrage of Earth-elemental bullets from her umbrella, which she is riding. Next, she flies by her enemy, who is attacked by a circle of ice shards. In the air, atop her umbrella, Edna is surrounded by a brown emblem, and from tips of her left hand's fingers, she releases a black sphere with golden glow on her enemy, which explodes in a gold light with a purple aura when it makes contact with her opponent. As the arte finishes, Edna flies off her umbrella in the foreground.

In Tales of the Rays, this arte became Keele Zeibel's Light-elemental reward mirrage arte. This version of Shooting Star is based on Richard's, causing several streaks of light to race across the battlefield and strike Keele's enemies.

In Tales of Arise, Shooting Star takes the form of a black sphere with a golden glow that descends upon the enemy. Rinwell's variant is an astral arte, while Edna's is a mystic arte whose version is taken from her original use. Since all enemies' mystic artes are not fully cinematic, her version can be dodged and guarded.


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Fan-Translated Names[]

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of Eternia[]

Japanese Description: 無数の流星を飛来させたりする 元素系上級晶霊術

User: Nereid
Japanese Quote: 虚無の彼方に滅してくれるわ!

Tales of Legendia[]

User: Will Raynard
Japanese Description: 天空よりきらめく流星を無数に降らせる

Japanese Quote: 神速を極めし、煌々たる流転者よ。天空より舞い降り、浄化の雨となれ!シューティングスター!
Romanized Quote: Shinsoku wo kimeshi, koukou taru rutenshayo. Tenkuu yori maiori, jouka no ame tonare! Shuutingusutaa!
Localized Quote: "O celestial voyagers faster and brighter than the gods, rain down and purify this wretched soul... Shooting Stars!"

User: Shirley Fennes
Japanese Description: 上空より輝く流星を無数に落とす

Japanese Quote: 漆黒の空に光挿す箒星よ、旅路の果てに、我の地を選べ!シューティングスター!
Romanized Quote: Shikkoku no sora ni hikari sasu houkiboshi, tabiji no hate ni, waga no chi wo erabe! Shuutingusutaa!
Localized Quote: "O comets whose brilliance lightens even the most darkest of skies, favor this ground for the fulfillment of thy eternal journey... Shooting Stars!"

Tales of the Abyss[]

Japanese Description: その一撃はまるで夜空におちる流れ星。

Tales of Graces ƒ[]

Japanese Description: エフィネア外の力を招来し、敵を殲滅する流星の嵐。
Localized Description: "An arte that draws power from outside of Ephinea to pummels foes with a storm of shooting stars."

User: Richard
Japanese Quote: 星を超え、我が道を阻む者を光に熔かせ!シューティングスター!
Romanized Quote: Hoshi wo koe, wagamichi wo habamu mono wo hikari ni tokase! Shuutingusutaa!
Translated Quote: "Beyond the stars, light dissolve anybody who stands in my way! Shooting Stars!"
Localized Quote: "The light of the heavens shall rain upon all who hinder me. Shooting Stars!"

User: Lambda Angelus/Lambda Theos
Japanese Quote: ぬうう!永久の闇に滅せよ!
Romanized Quote: Nu uu! Towa no yami ni messeyo!
Translated Quote: "Uhh no! Perish in the darkness for eternity!"
Localized Quote: "Gragh! Wither in eternal gloom!"

Tales of Zestiria[]

Japanese Description: なにか空を飛んでいるような気もする秘奥義。通常時、BG5以上で4連携中に"○+R2"長押しで発動。

Japanese Quote: 膝の上!さあ、行くわよ!とろとろしてると、怪我をするわよ!もう手遅れかしら?シューティングスター! 
Romanized Quote: Hiza no ue! Saa, ikuwayo! Torotoro shiteruto, kega wo suruwayo! Mou teokure kashira? Shuutingusutaa!
Translated Quote: "On your knees! Now, here I come! If you doze off, you'll get hurt! Or is it already too late? Shooting Star!"
Localized Quote: "Down! Here goes! Keep standin' around... and you're dead! Too late for you... Shooting Stars!"

Tales of the Rays[]

User: Keele Zeibel
Japanese Description: 異空間より数多の流星を召喚する魔鏡技
Localized Description: "[Mirrage Arte] Summon a barrage of meteors through a dimensional rift."

Japanese Quote: 魔鏡技!やらせない!シューティングスター!!
Romanized Quote: Makyougi! Yara senai! Shuutingusutaa!!
Translated Quote: Mirrage Arte! I won't let you escape! Shooting Star!!

Tales of Arise[]

User: Rinwell
Japanese Description:


Localized Description: "An arte that combines Freeze Lancer and Holy Lance. To activate it, one art must be charged, while the other arte must be cast."

Japanese Quote: 純黒の彼方に 無量の群星を呼ばん!シューティングスター!
Localized Quote: "Far beyond the darkest skies, I call upon thee! Shooting Star!"

User: Edna
Localized Quote: "Get outa my face! This is infuriating. Get ready! Alright, here it comes! Keep standin' around... and you're dead! Don't say I didn't warn you... Shooting Star!"