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Shrine of Blue
Game Tales of Rebirth
World Calegia
Region Western Continent

The Shrine of Blue (蒼の聖殿 Aoi no Seiden?, "Sanctuary of Blue") is a dungeon that serves as the resting place of the Sacred Beast of Water, Shaorune, in Tales of Rebirth. Located within the holy temple of Babilograd, the shrine is where Shaorune tests Veigue Lungberg by submitting him with three trials. The first of these trials is to reach Shaorune in the shrine, while the second trial is to best him in combat. The third trial, however, involves Veigue's ability to answer with determination a question Shaorune asks him. The question and trial as a whole relate to Veigue's doubts regarding Claire Bennett, Agarte Lindblum, and the status of their swapped bodies.


When the group arrives in Babilograd and enters the holy temple shrine, Shaorune speaks to them, telling Veigue that he must pass three trials in order to obtain his power. The first trial Shaorune issues is that Veigue and his companions come to him, so the group ventures further into the shrine, allowing Veigue's hallucinations to begin. In a flashback, Veigue is back in Sulz with Claire, who gives him a stone as a birthday present. Although the memory is genuine, "Claire" then claims she is Agarte, who is currently occupying Claire's body at this point in the story. Veigue's frustration persists as the flashbacks begin distorting his memories and conflicting the personas of Claire and Agarte. Veigue begins questioning who is Claire and who is Agarte, even interrogating Claire, who is with the group, albeit in Agarte's body.

In the final room of the shrine, Shaorune appears and introduces himself before informing Veigue that his first trial has come to an end. He then states that the second trial is to best him in combat, and the group engages with him in battle. After the battle, Shaorune states that the second trial has come to an end. For the third trial, Shaorune asks Veigue privately who the woman standing next to him is, and Veigue quickly answers that she is Claire. With this, Shaorune states that the third trial is over, wanting only an answer spoken with determination. Shaorune then bestows his power of Water to Veigue and provides Hilda Rhambling with a clue in finding the next Sacred Beast.