Shrine of Eephon
Game Tales of Rebirth
World Calegia
Region Eastern Continent

The Shrine of Eephon (イーフォンの聖殿 Iifon no Seiden?, "Sanctuary of Eephon") is a dungeon that serves as the resting place of the Sacred Beast of Darkness, Eephon, in Tales of Rebirth. Located in the Zeren Wetlands of Calegia's eastern continent, the shrine is where Eephon tests Tytree Crowe by hallucinating him with scenes from his hometown of Petnadjanka. Tytree overcomes the trial by rejecting the notion that race separates and instead opting to believe that one's feelings, which people of all races share, hold greater significance.


The group visits Eephon's shrine in search of the "Power of Darkness", which refers directly to Eephon's power of the element Darkness. Outside the shrine, Eephon's voice booms seemingly from out of nowhere, questioning why the group wishes to obtain the power of Darkness. Eugene Gallardo explains that they are attempting to purge the world of the negative impression that currently plagues it, causing strife between Huma and Gajuma. Eephon claims that the impression has nothing to do with the animosity that has always existed between the races, as well as that the world shall not see an end to this animosity unless one race is eliminated.

Tytree then speaks up, stressing how Huma and Gajuma are the same and rejecting the notion that race has anything to do with the world's current state. Eephon challenges Tytree to come before him and unveil his convictions, leaving the group to follow Tytree into the shrine, Tytree having been selected for the trial. Inside the shrine, Tytree experiences a series of hallucinations that fail to affect the rest of the group. In these hallucinations, Tytree is in his hometown of Petnadjanka, where the Huma factory workers mistreat and punish the Gajuma workers, Tytree's boss and sister being among these Huma.

After saving a Gajuma man, Tytree is shocked when he discovers that the Gajuma workers have started a riot, and during this riot, Tytree's sister is killed by the Gajuma workers. Tytree manages to overcome the trial by remaining firm in his beliefs that one's emotions and feelings hold a far greater significance than one's race, which he believes does not define a person. In the final room of the shrine, Eephon appears and introduces himself, impressed by Tytree's resolve. He then tests the group in combat before bestowing his power of Darkness to Tytree. Eephon warns the group of the impression's threat before telling them that the power of the Sacred Beasts will help them understand how to purify the impression.


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