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Sicily (ToV).png
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Race Human
Occupation Professor

Sicily (シシリー?) is a supporting character in Tales of Vesperia. Despite being in side quests, he proves to be an unlikely ally to Brave Vesperia.


Sicily is first seen in Halure, attempting to count all of the petals, but laments that he cannot do it alone. When the guild Brave Vesperia arrive, he begs for their help. Eventually, the guild decide to leave Raven to do it. Despite the exhausting effort, Raven eventually pulls it off. When he asks the reason for all of this, Sicily replies that it is a secret. This task ends up useful for Raven, as he learns Arrivederci.

Sicily is next seen in Capua Nor, enjoying the view out the ocean from the bridge. While Brave Vesperia leave Raven again to see the view with him, Sicily notices the latter's bodhi blastia, and mentions that there is a way for bodhi blastia to learn skills on their own, even without the weapons equipped. In fact, Sicily says that the weapons are merely the key to unlocking the skills "buried deep under a person's skin." While he assures Raven these are only "rumors" before leaving, this ends up giving Raven the "Vacance" skill.

Sicily is next seen in Capua Torim at the docks. When he takes a good look at Brave Vesperia's ship, the Fiertia, he asks if he can upgrade it, resulting in suspicions from the party. Reluctantly, they cautiously decide to give Sicily a shot. Sicily surprises the group by attaching a salvage crane to the ship and adjusting the bottom to reach through previously untraversable shallow waters before eventually leaving again.

Sicily is next seen in the labor camp below Heliord, bummed out. When Karol Capel asks if the professor could make them weapons, he refuses, saying he is not interested. However, after takung a look at Karol's haircut, he runs off to grab some items. After fighting ten battles and returning to Heliord, the party meets Sicily with a robot modeled after Karol called Barrelow X. After joining the party, the robot is renamed to Karolow X.

Sicily is also seen back in Halure, where he can give each of the party a weapon based on the "motivational" number of times a certain aspect is achieved.

Appearance and Personality

Sicily specializes in manipulating blastia cores, so much so, that his skill earned him the moniker Shining Star of Core Engineering (筐体コンテナ工学の申し子?). The architects' guild works frantically to find Sicily to get his help. However, he is rather eccentric, only working on projects that pique his interest at the time.


  • Sicily speaks with Italian dialect.
    • When bidding farewell, Sicily says "Arrivederci", which is the inspiration for the Arrivederci arte itself.
  • After defeating all of the Giganto Monsters Sicily is revealed to have given Karen an outfit for when she has kids. Since she is not married at this time, she passes it to Karol, earning him the "Valiant Swordsman" title.