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Siegfried (ジークフリート Jiikufuriito?) is an object in Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Berseria. It is a powerful relic with a variety of uses.


Siegfried takes the form of a black gun with silver adornments at its sides that contain elements of cross and fleur-de-lis on both sides of the barrel. According to the book titled "Research Notes on Siegfried and its Special Abilities" found by Velvet Crowe's party, it is a relic that was likely created during the Avarost period and has formula embedded into it that allows its wielder to manipulate mana. The book's authors theorize that at first Siegfried was created as a specialized anti-dragon weapon and to be effective can use a variety of "volitional bullets" that can bestow a variety of effects on its targets. The bullets are actually crystallized mana that can cause disabilities depending the intent with which they were imbued. Among known bullet varieties are power link-severing and temporary malevolence influence blockers.


Siegfried was acquired by the pirate Van Aifread on an unnamed continent far beyond Desolation. Later during a battle between his group and the Abbey, he freed Zaveid from Abbey's influence using Siegfried and gave it to him, shortly before he was captured. Since then Zaveid traveled the world searching for the pirate. During his journey, he encounters Eizen and his companions in Lothringen were Melchior Mayvin manages to scan Siegfried. It is later revealed that Melchior's actions allowed to invent the concept of armatus with its main purpose being the ability to control Innominat.

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  • "Siegfried" is also a name of the man known as "the first oracle", one of the many terms used before the term "shepherd" took over them.
  • Despite being a gun, Siegfried is never refered as that, mainly the term "relic" is used when talking about it.