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The Sky Castle (天空城?) is all that remains of the world of Devaloka in Tales of Innocence.


As its name implies, the location is a sky-bound castle that hangs in the air and is where the Manifest is located. Fashioned by Devalokians, Sky Castle is an ancient city that is said to have always floated in the air, possibly being the reason as to why it is still intact. However, when the group ventures to Sky Castle in order to prevent Mathias from obtaining the Manifest, they find the remains of many deities, including Asura, Inanna, and Durandal, in a lifeless, stone form. When Ruca Milda unleashes his power at Sky Castle, what remains of the floating city crumbles. In the past, two major regions of Devaloka were Sensus and Ratio. Sky Castle is said to have been Sensus's stronghold.


  • In Tales of Berseria, Sky Castle is depicted alongside the Tower of Dawn in the "Fantastic Landscape" painting, which can be obtained by exploring the Asras Sea.