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Appearance Tales of Zestiria
Race Human
Occupation •Pope of the Shrinechurch of Rolance (formerly)
•Chief of Gododdin
Japanese Voice Actor •Tamio Oki (ToZ)
•Toshitaka Hirano (ToZtX)
English Voice Actor •Martin Billany (ToZ)[1]
•Francis Henry (ToZtX)

Slenge, formerly known as Masedra, is a supporting character in Tales of Zestiria.


Masedra originally joined the holy order in order to give a small blessing to his friends and family. Working as hard as he could, he eventually found himself pope, earning the favor of many, including Sergei Strelka and the knights. However, after years of slaving away, Masedra looked around and noticed that his family had discarded him for losing regard for his household. Devastated, Masedra abandoned Rolance and ran into the forest to wait for death, until he was rescued by the villagers of Gododdin, who accepted him as one of their own. With a fresh start at hand, Masedra changed his name to Slenge and became chief. To show his gratitude, Slenge used his past connections to produce false elixir for sale to keep Gododdin on its feet. However, brewing elixir, even the counterfeit version, produces a strong poison, one that Slenge had been taking in after producing so much.

Slenge is first seen approaching newcomers Sorey who compliments on the school he recently built. Rose, who is with Sorey, says the two are here researching agriculture. But they quickly discover the warehouse containing the fake elixir, so Slenge confesses about his past before his body starts reacting to the poison. After managing to get back on his feet, Slenge learns that Sorey is the Shepherd and leads him to Igraine, the shrine of the trial of fire, where he and Rose gain the mystic arte Flamberge to fight against cardinal Runette Forton, who has taken up power after Masedra disappeared.

After Forton's demise, Slenge is confronted by the false Shepherd Malfore, who demands him to hand over control of the distribution channel of the fake elixir in return for pardoning Slenge's past crimes. Knowing that his time is almost up, Slenge agrees and gives him the formula, finally giving Gododdin legitimate revenue.

Appearances in Other Media

Tales of Zestiria the X

In Tales of Zestiria the X, Masedra has not left the capital as his game counterpart has.