Soaring Demon Fang (魔神剣・翔牙 Majinken Shouga?, "Demon God Sword: Soaring Fang") is a variant of the Demon Fang arte.

Arte Description and History

Similar to Demon Fang and other artes in the same family, this arte creates a ranged projectile that can damage enemies from a distance. However, this arte is an aerial adaptation, forcing the user to jump into the air and shoot the projectile force downward at a fixed diagonal angle. If this arte is activated from the ground, the jumping animation creates a significant delay that can break a combo chain. Therefore, it is most effective to activate the arte during an aerial combo.

The arte is most useful to hit an enemy as it is falling, if it has broken from an aerial combo, to deal additional damage before the enemy hits the ground and recovers. In the PlayStation 2 remake of Tales of Destiny, this strategy can be followed with Shakkouken, which will teleport the enemy into the user's grasp. This will allow the aerial combo to continue safely.


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